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Three distinct features that underpin a solution focused approach to counselling

: A collaborative and mutually respectful partnership between client and counsellor.
: A focus on clients strengths and resources and an optimistic view about the future.
: A counselling framework that is conversational in emphasis.


How is counselling relationship viewed?

It is seen as an equal partnership where the counsellor works collaboratively with client to find solutions to problems.


The counselling processes challenges

the clients constructions about the world particularly in terms of their focus on problems.


This approach focus on assisting the client to

identify their strengths for the purpose of helping the client find solutions to their problems


Solution focused counselling generally follow a specific sequence that includes engaging the client by

listening and responding to the clients description of the problem
identifying the goals and resourcefulness and;
identifying exceptions to the current difficulties


Solution focus serves to construct pathways for change through the use of questioning

coping questions
questions that exaggerate consequences
miracle questions and
questions that presuppose change


SFT assist clients in generating creative solutions and tasks through

viewing the client as the expert
highlight exceptions to the clients situation
externalise the problem
create achievable tasks 9 with rewards)


therapy facilitates a mutually respectful collaborative relationship by

actively listening and attending to the client
avoiding blame or judgement
validating the clients perceptions and experiences
matching the clients language pace and tone



assisting clients to change the way they perceive an experience
the emphasis of reframing is expanding the clients view of the world


A reframe is formed by

ring information from the client and considering this information from a different perspective that maybe meaningful to the client.


normalising is

used to assist the client to recognise when their emotional response to a situation is normal or warranted
Can be used in situation where the client has experienced a significant emotion such as trauma or when they may feel over whelmed
it can be used to normalise behaviour and changes to relationships