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To Pompey in Asia Minor - Rome Summer 62 BCE

Cicero annoyed Pompey has not praised his achievements

Cicero says Rome love him and he has achieved great things, brave and wise

Cicero is convinced they can remain close allies


To Atticus on his way to Epirius - Rome in June/July 59 BCE

Cicero is complaining about the first triumvirate

Cicero says everyone is complaining, but nobody is doing anything

He is disgusted with himself for not fighting the Triumvirs first

Curio is attacking the Triumvirs

Caesar has offered Cicero a job on his staff and a mission at state expense


To Terentia - Thessalonica in November 58 BCE

Cicero is in exile and says "it's all my fault"

But he blames his advisor and friends

He does not want Terentia to sell the flats as it will ruin their son's (Marcus) education


To Atticus - Rome in summer 53 BCE

He is annoyed with the Optimates not supporting his attack on the Triumvirs

"I have nibbled at the bitter pill, and must now swallow it" so Cicero decides to work for the Triumvirs

"Since the powerless do not want to be my friends, I must make sure the powerful are!"


To Curio - Rome in summer 53 BCE

Cicero decides the different sorts of letter - intimate and humorous, serious and profound

But he says this is not the time for any of them and definitely not politics

He says he feels affectionately for Curio


To Atticus - Minturnae on 5/6 th May 51 BCE

He talks about his brother Quintus and sister in law, Pomponia

He blames Pomponia for their marriage problems and asks Atticus to talk to his sister


To Caelius - Laodicea in April 50 BCE

Cicero is in Cilicia and is fearful of a Parthian invasion

Caelius has asked Cicero for panthers for his election show for the Aedileship

Cicero tells him that there are not many left in Cilicia

He tells Caelius to write back with news from Rome, as he will trust it more than any other


To Tiro - Leucas 7th November 50 BCE

Tiro is ill

Cicero cares greatly about his secretaries health

Tiro later helps to publish Cicero's letters


Pompey to Cicero - Canusium 20th February 49 BCE

Pompey calls Cicero a general

Pompey attempts to convince Cicero to join him in Brundissium in Apulia (southwest Italy)


To Atticus - Formiae 24th February 49 BCE

Cicero complains about Pompey's strategy

Pompey had not told Cicero of his plans

He accuses Pompey of causing Domitius' surrender to Caesar


To Atticus - Formiae 12th March 49 BCE

Cicero reflects on the situation and ask himself questions such as ...
"Should one stay in one's country even if it is under totalitarian rule?"
"Ought one, even if not approving of join up with the right-minded party in the struggle against it?"


Cicero to Caesar - Formiae 19th March 49 BCE

Cicero flatters Caesar "outstanding and admirable statesmanship" and "the war was an infringement of your rights"

He attempts to mediate and bring peace


Caesar to Cicero - on the march to Spain 16th April 49 BCE

Caesar warns Cicero not to damage their "good relations" and Cicero's own interests

Caesar asks Cicero to stay out of the "civil disturbance"

"If you went against me now, that would be the most severe blow you could inflict"

"Take no rash or ill judged action"

Caesar asks Cicero to weigh up his career and that abstention is the "safest and most honourable course"


To Atticus - Brundissium 12/13th June 47 BCE

He is distressed that Tullia, his daughter, is miserable in her marriage to her third marriage, Dolobella


To Varro - Rome in early 46 BCE

Varro was the greatest scholar of the day

Cicero says he has "reestablished friendly relations with some old friends - my books"


To Atticus - Astura 15th May 45 BCE

Cicero is in turmoil after the death of his daughter, Tullia, in childbirth


To Atticus - Tusculum 7/8th August 45 BCE

Cicero says that "Brutus reports Caesar is converted to the good party? ... But where is he going to find them? Unless he hangs himself"

Ahala and Brutus are mentioned


To Atticus - Puteoli 19th December 45 BCE

Cicero comments about dinner with Caesar

He says "a formidable guest, yet no regrets" , "once is enough!" "He (Caesar) enjoyed himself" and Cicero says it was "not disagreeable"

They did not talk about politics but literacy matters

Balbus was also there


To Atticus - Lanuvium 9/10th April 44 BCE

Caesar has been assassinated on the ides of march

Cicero says "the recovery of freedom did not mean the revival of free government"

He calls the liberators "heroes"

However he says they have no men or money


To Atticus - Sinuessa 18th May 44 BCE

Cicero criticises Brutus' speech as too academic but it is too late as Brutus gave the speech on 17th March


To Atticus - Antium 8th June 44 BCE

Cicero has had a meeting with the liberators and Servilia (Brutus mother)

Brutus' safety was as important as that of th republic

He says Mark Antony offered Brutus the dictatorship of the corn supply in Asia and Cassius in Sicily

He says Brutus and Cassius have decided to flee to the East

He says "I found the ship falling to fragments"

"No sign of plan, logic, or system"


To Trebonius - Rome 2nd February 43 BCE

"How I wish you had invited me to that superb banquet"

He says he wishes Mark Antony had been killed too

Cicero says he has restored the "drooping and weary senate back to its old, traditional courage" = the senate have declared Antony a public enemy

He says "Octavian is an excellent boy"

Cicero praises Octavian for mobilising his own army and persuading 2 of Antony's legions to join him


To Plancus - Rome 20th March 43 BCE

Plancus was governor of Gallia Comata

Cicero writes to persuade home to back the senate against Antony

Plancus has already spoken in favour of peace

But Plancus has joined with Lepidus and later both join with Antony

If Plancus does not want to join with the senate, Cicero says he will be an "utter disgrace"