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What are the long term causes of the civil war?

Increasing political polarisation ( optimates vs populares , Cicero is a mediate)

Politicised militaries - Sulla's precedents


What are the short term causes of the civil war?

Tensions among the Triumvirs

Death of Julia and Crassus in 55 BCE

Gang warfare

Pompey's sole consul - 52 BCE

Pompey going to optimates

Increasing popularity and prestige of Caesar

Attacks against Caesar - end of war, standing in absentia, prosecution threats, S.C.U

Blocked Antony's veto

Caesar crosses the Rubricon


Where is Cicero during 51-50 BCE?



What is significant about Cicero being in Cilicia with what was happening in Rome?

Unable to mediate between Pompey and Caesar


What does Plutarch say about why the civil war starting?

Optimates try to seduce Pompey

Pompey is jealous

Caesar has fair demands


Pompey's letter to Cicero

Wants to get Cicero on his side

Flatters Cicero "imperator", "concerned with national security"


Cicero's letter to Caesar

Tries to get Caesar to disarm

Expresses sympathy - says that it is not his fault - he doesn't believe this

Says that he knows Caesar wants peace

Wants to mediate between Pompey and Caesar


Caesar letter to Cicero

Threatening letter

Will damage relations by siding with Pompey

"Resistance to the trend of events"

"Find abstention from quarrel the safest and most honourable course "


Why does Cicero side with Pompey

Firm belief in Concordia Ordinum

Pompey and optimates are closer to Concordia Ordinum

Past history with Pompey ( Lex Manilia, protection whilst Pompey was in the east, recall Cicero from exile)

Pompey is seen as head if Concordia Ordinum

Caesar is a populares, has an S.C.U against him


Cicero's actions during the civil war

"What a disgrace" complains about Pompey's evacuation of Rome and Italy

Says Pompey is unprepared and has failed to mobilise the troops before he even gets over to Greece


Cicero's actions in Pompeian Camp

Stays loyally to Cato despite Cato's warning

Complains and criticises people

Says Pompey is "incompetent" - damages morale

Republican commanders disgusts him with blood thirsty attitude

Cicero is 'ill' during Battle of Pharsalus

Cicero refuses Cato's offer of command

Cicero is attacked for being a traitor by Pompey's sons

Cicero's decides to reconcile with Caesar


When Cicero returns to Italy what does Antony do?

Keeps him in Brundisium for 11 months


Where did the information for the civil war come from



What is Caesars attitude after the civil war