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What is Public law?

Public law is the law which deals with the powers and obligations of governments and citizens.


What are the three main types of public law?

1. Criminal law 2. Administrative law3. Constitutional law


What is criminal law?

Criminal law is the body of rules under which certain acts or omissions are punished by the state.


What is the function of criminal law?

Its function is to maintain public safety and order for the whole society.


Who has the responsibility of criminal law?

The state has the responsibility because the offence is seen to damage the moral order of society. Actions and punishments covered by statue law are similar to the same throughout the states.


What is the main criminal statue in NSW?

Main criminal statute is the crimes act 1900 (NSW)


What are the 7 types of crime?

1. Crimes against the person2. White-collar crime 3. Crimes against property 4. Crimes against the state5. Traffic offences 6 public order offences 7. Drug offences


What is administrative law?

This the area of the law that deals with government powers and decisions made by the government bodiesIt exists to ensure the accountability of the government


What is Administrative law used for?

Administrative law is used to challenge the actions of the government departments who exist to administer these policy decisions (e.g A taxpayer could challenge his/her assessment under this law)


What are three ways in which a person can seek a review of a decision made by an agency?

1. Internal review 2. External review 3.Judicial review


What is internal review?

Occurs when a decision is made by a member of an agency is reviewed by another person


What is external review?

Occurs when a decision is made by a member of an agency is reviewed by a body outside of the agency that made the decision-more formal


What is Judicial review?

Judicial review of administrative decisions can be provided only by courts and the court's role is limited to deciding whether or not the decision was lawful. fairly and rationally made.


What is constitutional law?

The Australian constitution mostly deals with the division of power between the federal and state governments and the separation of power between the parliament, the high court and the executive.The high court hears cases relating to constitutional law in Australia, where it is felt that law passed by govt violates the rules of the constitution


What is different about the Hight Court?

Cases are heard by one or more judgesdecisions are not given at the end of the hearingDecisions of the High Court are binding on all courts


What is private law?

Private law is the law that aims to regulate the relationships between individuals, companies and organisations. Private rights are protected by both statue and common law.


What are the three main types of private law?

1. Contract law2. Tort law3. Property law


What is a contract?

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is recognised by law.


What can a party do if they believe the contract has been breached?

When one of the parties to a contract believes that all pr part of the contract has been breached, he or she can bring a legal action in civil court.


What are damages?

Damages are usually the common law remedy available for breach of contract and are designed to put the plaintiff in the position he or she would have been in if the contract had been performed properly.


What other remedies may the plaintiff seek?

An injunction or specific performance


What is an injunction?

This is an order usually directing a party not to do something- ordering the defendant to cease the conduct breaching the contract. In some cases, the injunction may be ordering the party to do something (Like a builder finishing a wall)


What is a specific performance?

This is an order directing the breaching party to reform the contract in the way specified by the court. This will only be ordered if damages will not provide adequate compensation


What is tort law?

Torts are civil wrongs. Tort cases feal with situations in which someone has done something to interfere with the rights of someone else-A tort court occurs when someone braches of fails a duty that he or she owes to someone


What is the difference between a tort wrong and a contract?

Torts there is no legal (CONTRACTUAL) relationship prior to the wrong


What are torts regulated by?

Torts are regulated by statute as well as common law.


What is defamation?

Involves damaging another persons's reputation with inaccurate information


What is Negligence?

Professional negligence (Professionals failing to do there job)


What is property law?

Property law is a wide area of law that governs relationships involving objects and interests that can be owned and that a Commerical value. Covers physical property but also tangible such a share in a company.


What are some key differences between Criminal and civil court proceedings

Criminal cases feature a prosecutor and a defendantcivil cases feature a plaintiff and a defendantIn criminal cases, the state brings the case to the court In civil cases, an individual or organisation brings the case to the court.There is a lower standard of proof in the civil court.