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The Obturator nerve shares a dermatome with what nerve root?



Uncoordinated, sporadic mvmts is what type of gait patho?

Ataxic gait


How long and why would you ice Achilles Tendonitis?

---(Hydro notes on cryotherapy)


What passive testing would you do to prove a pelvic out flare with SI jt Hypomobility?



During a contract/Relax stretch, how long would you hold the proprioceptive portion?

10, 30, 60, 90 sec?



Guy fell biking and hit the right side of his head and right shoulder yesterday. He reported feeling dizzy after the accident, but slept it off. He came to see you because he would like his right shoulder treated.
What essential assessment would you do?

- A Neuro assessment?
- An active assessment of his Right shoulder?


What movement does the humerus have to make so the greater tubercle doesn't hit the acromian in what mvmt?

Look up shoulder paths Ortho notes / Magee


In a healthy 2nd 3rd trimester pregnant woman?
Finger kneading around iliac ci'd?

2nd and 3rd trimester:

Finger tip kneading along the iliac crest will help relax the abdominal oblique mms

Pg 188 Rattray


Is ib racking in specific places during the 2nd adn 3rd trimester of pregnancy indicated?

Stripping/spreading techniques are applied systematically along the intercostal mms and Serratus ant mms

Pg 188 Rattray


Should a MLD technique be applied during pregnancy to help decrease the swelling in the face?


Swelling of face, hands (fingers), face should be reported to physician

Pg 186 Rattray


If someone had weak hip flexors, how would they compensate their mvmt when initiating swing phase?

If the quadricep mms are weak, the trunk mms thrust the pelvis fwrd to provide momentum to the leg.

Pg 951 Magee


Case study:
Woman dislocated her ulna from humerus. Everything is healing well but has normal post injury restrictions and trouble extending her arm.
What mvmt would be most difficult for her? Doing up seat belt**, reaching over head, pro/sup

Primary mvmt of ulnohumeral jt = FLX>ext
Closed pack: ext w sup
-----*Capsular pattern: FLX, ext**----

Injury = gun stock deformity, may occur in full ext = decrease carrying angle(pg 365 Magee)


TMJ- mm that are responsible for rotating the joint when chewing:

Rotation occurs in the lower cavity
Upper head of the LATERAL PTERYGOID mms draws the disc anterior and prepares for condylar rot during mvmt

Pg 203 Magee