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what is the usual mangement for hypertonic uterine dysfunction in early labor?

administration of morphine and/or barbiturate


Multip in 1st stage has had no change in dilation in 3 hours. You have ensured maternal hydration, encouraged ambulation, performed an amniotomy which reealed clear amnitic fluid. What next?

Pitocin stimulation


woman with uterine rupture. In addition to alerting the physician STAT, what is the most important action for the midwife to take next in this situation?

order blood for a transfusion and ensure that there is appropriate venous access


the fetal shoulders normally enter the true pelvis with the bisaccromial diameter in which diameter?



what is Varney's predictive factor for shoulder dystocia?

an estimated fetal weight 1 pound or more greater than the woman's largest previous baby


it is believed that the exaggerated lithotomy position (McRobert's maneuber) facilitates delivery of the fetal shoulders through what mechanism?

rotating the symphysis pubis to free the impacted shoulder


during a breech delicery, a hands-off approach is recommended until the baby is born spontaneously up to which body part?

the umbilicus


during breech deliery, suprapubic pressure is applied for what reason?

to maintain flexion of the fetal head


waht is the reasoning behind clamping and cutting the cord of the first-born twin?

to avoid having the second twin exsanguinate through the cord


what finding on its own does not signal fetal hypoxemia?

meconium-stained amniotic fluid