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#2 - Argyll-Robertson pupils and associated disease

Pupils that react to accommodation but not to light
Happens in neurosyphillis


#2 - Loss of vibration sense distally? Localization and disease state

Tabes dorsalis, localized to dorsal columns
Demyelination occuring in untreated syphillus


#5 - Neuro/psych sequelae of coronary artery bypass surgery? Mechanism?

“Pump-head” cognitive impairment in patients after undergoing bypass surgery. Patients may have executive function or general cognitive impairments after being on bypass. Mechanism though to be from multiple micro-emboli


#4 - anti-Ma antibody association

Paraneoplastic syndrome invovling testicular malignancy and affecting the hippocampi.
Remember, many paraneoplastic syndromes assoc with lung cancers (anti-Hu, Yo, Ma). Be wary of smokers!


#6 - Post-concussion syndrome manifestations

Lightheadedness, nausea, trouble concentrating, trouble sleeping


#8 - Cognitive disorder associated with hoarding

Alzheimer’s disease. Hoarding it often associated with early disease


#10 - Cold caloric testing. What is it, and explain physiology of response

Used in testing of comatose/unresponsive patients. Cold (or warm) water poured into one ear. Cold water decreases vestibular firing on that side causing horizontal nystagmus toward contralateral side. Nystagmus always occurs toward the side of increased vestibular firing