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1) Persistent vegetative state diagnosis takes how many weeks to meet criteria?

6 weeks


2) Patient has episodes of sudden muscle laxity in response to strong emotions. Symptom name? Disease Dx? Treatment?

Cataplexy as part of narcolepsy. Treat with modafinil


3) Elderly patient beats up his wife in bed while sleeping. Diagnosis and disease association?

REM sleep behavior disorder
Harbinger for Lewy Body dementia (sometimes Parkinson’s)


7) Elderly patient presents with muscle rigidity, ataxia, with sudden lurching forward, and memory problems. Dx? Classic associated Sx?

Progressive supranuclear palsy
Sx: trouble with vertical (up or down) gaze, balance issues with sudden lunging forward/backward, and dementias


10) Patient presents with ptosis, muscle swallowing weakness, and diplopia that gets worse as the day goes along. Diagnosis? Sister Diagnosis? Distinguish the two based on body region tropism?

Myasthenia gravis. Remember, progressive weakening throughout the day especially involving eye, oropharynx, and jaw muscles (3 most commonly involved muscles) is MG.
Sister: Eaton-Lambert and does not involve ocular muscles!