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What do you do?

Well Diem, we're not major medical and we don't change or replace any programs you currently have. Our programs are designed to do specific things, like:

1). reduce your workers compensation premium

2). lower your company payroll taxes

& we give you ways to offer and do more for your employees, but we do it @ absolutely no cost to your company. Again, I'm going to be back in (specific area) on (day), to service some of my existing clients, can we get together (day) around (time)?


I'm not interested! We're taken care of in that area!

Absolutely Diem, it's interesting how common that is for my clients prior to getting together, but if you allow me the courtesy of a brief appointment I can show you how other companies are:

1). Reducing their workers compensation liabilities and payroll taxes.

2). Having the ability to offer and do more for the employees @ no cost to your company.

Again, I'm going to be back in (specific area) on (day) to service some existing clients, can we meet around (time)?


I'm too busy!

I understand you're busy, and I know your time is valuable. However, our information is very direct and to the point. If you allow me the courtesy of 10 minutes I know you'll find value in our discussion. Like I said, I'm going to be back in (specific area) on (day), can we get together for a brief appointment (day), say around (time)?


We have already met with Aflac!

Absolutely Diem, however our office works a lot differently than most. In which we have made significant changes in our service capacity, wellness initiatives and more importantly we have put together a very unique dental program. I'm going to be in (specific area) and would like to have chance to give you the updated information. Could we get together for 10 minutes on (day), say around (time)?


What does the word appointment make someone think of?

Doctor's & Dentist Offices


What does the word insurance make someone think of?

An added expense that can't be afforded. Use "voluntary benefits" instead of insurance.


I receive TOO MANY Aflac calls. Stop Calling!

I apologize for the inconvenience we are not meant to be a nuisance, but you're company fits the exact profile of many companies we work with. Have you met with Aflac? (Use "we have already met with Aflac" as a response to the question.)


We're with a competitor!

I understand! Would you be opposed to taking a side by side comparison and at least be informed what the alternatives are for your company and your staff? I plan to be in (specific area) next (day), can we get together say around (time)?


Can you send me an email or information?

Absolutely, there are several documents I can send you however; it tends to be most effective if I can consult with you to identify the alignment an how we can compliment your business. Our appointment is designed to be brief, direct and if it's a fit great, if not no big deal. I was going to be in your area anyways. Can we get together (day, say around (time)?


We work through our broker!

That's common, we partner with brokers of course, but we've found that executives like yourself, find value in getting together and ascertaining whether or not our programs would actually be a fit. If so at that time, and only under your directive we would contact your broker. Our information is very direct and to the point and I know you'll find value in our discussion. My schedule has me in (specific area) servicing some of my clients (next week/later this week), can we get together briefly on (day) at around say (time)?


Follow up call back script?

Hello Diem, It's Randall with Aflac, we spoke last month. I'm calling to compare calendars and schedule a time to get together. I'm planning on being in (specific area) next week on (day). Can we get together (day) say around (time)?


What is it that you do exactly?

Aflac is the #1 cancer insurance in the world. However, we have additional products that address injuries, heart attacks, strokes, pregnancies, dental and much more. What makes us different is the fact that we pay cash directly to families to compensate for the expenses incurred when accidents and injuries happen. That is the reason I'm reaching out to you specifically, Diem. I'd like to show you how Aflac works. I'll be in your area next (day) could we meet briefly around (time)?