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List 5 reasons for fitting a cover on a cold water storage cistern.

1. Prevents stagnation.
2. Prevents dust.
3. Prevents vermin.
4. Prevents dirt.
5. Stops light entering.


Give 3 reasons why the cold water storage cistern should be installed.

1. Protects fermentation of bacteria.
2. Stops it from freezing.
3. Requires more energy for temperature.


What is galvanisation of cold water cisterns?

It is made from mild steel which is dipped into baths of acid and dipped in zinc.


Do galvanised mild steel cisterns need a continuous flat base under them for support. Why?

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List 2 methods of good practice that can prolong the life of a galvanised cold water storage cistern.

1. By using 2 coats of good paint.
2. Removed the smarf.


List 1 advantage of using galvanised cold water storage cisterns over plastic.

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Is it ok cut holes in plastic cisterns using hot pipework? Give a reason for your answer.

No because it will lead to failure around the joint.


How should two or more cisterns be connected?

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How is stagnation prevented on a single cold water storage cistern?

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List 3 materials used in the manufacture of cold storage cisterns.

1. Plastic (PVC).
2. Galvanised.
3. Glass fibre.