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State 2 places where you would find a suspicious supply of water.

1. Stored rain water.
2. Cultivated lands.


State 2 places where you would find a dangerous supply of water.

1. When river water gains surge access.
2. Water from a shallow well.


What causes water to become temporarily hard?

When it passes through a certain type of rock such as limestone and picks up salts, depending on how much co2 is in it can hold salts and suspension.


State the chemical composition of water. (Not the symbol)

Find out


What effects has temporary hard water on plumbing systems?

Find off Mike


List the disadvantages of permanent hard water.

1. Skin irritation.
2. Slumming.
3. Dulls depth.


State 2 places where you would find a wholesome supply of water.

1. Spring water.
2. Upland surface water.
3. Deep well water.