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What is appeasement?

The policy in the 1930s where Britain and France gave Hitler what he wanted to keep peace


Why was there appeasement?

People wanted peace, app. would prevent war
British would not have supported another war, armed forces weren't ready
Hitler`s complaints seemed reasonable, they were aware that Treaty of V. was harsh
Chamberlain wanted a strong germany as barrier against expansion of communist Russia


What were the results of appeasement?

Czechoslovakia was weakened. Poland and Hungary took other land.
Britain gained a year to build up its armed forces, but so did Hitler.
Hitler decided that Britain and France were afraid of him, and that they would not stop him whatever he did.
Russia decided that Britain and France would never stand up to Hitler, and that war with Germany was inevitable.
The people of Britain realised that war was inevitable.
It improved the war morale of the British people, who knew they had done everything possible to avoid war.


What was the Czech/Sudeten crisis?

Chamberlain agrees to give land to Hiltler where more than 50% op pop is German
Hitler goes to Chamberlain and demands all of Sudeten Land
Chamberlain firstly refuses
At Munich Fra & Brit agrees to give it
German troops march into Sudetenland & are welcomed as heroes


Why was there an Anschluss?

Austria and Germany spoke same language
Austria`s land had been given to Hungary & they had no more food left
Territory : a bigger Ger meant that they were more powerful
Austria had mineral resources
Austria was not economically well
Germany was broke: wanted Austria`s treasure (gold that belongs to austria)
Join 2 good armies together to be even more powerful