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What is the website address for Comcast Now?


What three things do you get if you click on the Comcast logo on Comcast Now?

NT Login, Server, and Pernr ID.


What are the three main categories to choose from after clicking the menu icon?

Working at Comcast, Our Company, and Resources


What does the bell icon mean on Comcast now?



Name 4 of the 9 links under the Working at Comcast section on Comcast Now?

1) Benefits2) Learning and Development3) Employee Recognition 4) Life Events5) Comcast Listens6) Total Compensation7) People Leader Resources8) Job Opportunities9) New to Comcast?


Name 5 of the 10 links under the Our Company section on Comcast Now?

1) About Comcast2) Community Investment3) Diversity & Inclusion4) Integrity5) Products and Services6) HQ and Cable Divisions, Departments and Functions7) Customer Experience8) Company Structure9) Leadership10) Advertising


Name 4 of the 7 links under the Resources section on Comcast Now?

1) How do I?2) IT Support3) Security4) Important Dates5) Travel and Expenses6) Procurement7) Policies and Guidelines


What is the icon to the right of the search bar on Comcast now?

Employee profile


When clicking the MORE icon on the left panel, what are the three heading options that come up?

Connections, Recommended, and My Connections


What are 4 of the 9 viewing options when searching thru Connections, Recommended, or My Connections?

1) All2) Finance and Accounting3) Frontline4) Human Resources5) Information Technology6) Learning and Development7) People Leaders8) Social Collaboration 9) Other Tools and Resources


On the notifications menu, what is the option to the top right?

Clear All


What are 4 of the 10 links under Life Events in the Working at Comcast section?

1) Adopting a Child2) Family and Medical Leave3) Getting Married4) Having a Baby5) Moving6) Bereavement7) Getting Divorced8) Going on Disability9) Jury Duty10) Retirement


Where would i go if I wanted information on my Courtesy Services?

Menu > under Working at Comcast > Benefits > Courtesy Services


Where would i go if I needed information for bereavement?

Menu > under Working at Comcast > Life Events > Bereavement


Where would I go if i wanted information on our Central Division President, John Crowley?

Menu > under Our Company > HQ and Cable Divisions, Departments and Functions > Central Division > Greater Chicago Region > John Crowley


Where would I go if i wanted information on our President and Chief Executive Officer, Comcast Cable and Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation, Neil Smit?

Menu > under Our Company > Leadership > Executive Biographies > Corporate Biographies > Neil Smit


Where would I go if i needed information on my pay and bonus dates?

Menu > under Resources > Important Dates > Pay and Bonus Dates


Where would I go if i needed information on the Code of Conduct?

Menu > under Resources > Policies and Guidelines > Employee Handbook > Code of Conduct


What is our all-new intranet site that offers dynamic access to tools and information that help employees better manage their professional lives at Comcast.



After the national launch of ComcastNow, which website will contain archive-only material and will not be updated following the national launch.



If you experience any issues or have questions about the ComcastNow site, who do you contact?