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In 2015, the Pace XiD DTA will only act as an HD DTA. In 2016, it will be enabled as what?

it will be enabled as an X1 additional outlet.
Einstein doc ID: DG464


What new feature is for new X1 customers in all markets are eligible to receive a video via email that presents an overview of their package and encourages them to setup an XFINITY username and password to start enjoying their XFINITY services?

Personalized video
Einstein doc Id: PRD1353


The XFINITY Share mobile app allows customers to instantly share photos, videos, and live streams with other users. What is the max file size for sharing?

2 GB
Einstein doc id: PRD1332


What is the storage limit for the XFINITY Share app for XFINITY customers that subscribe only to XFINITY video service?

5 GB of storage
Einstein doc id: PRD1332


What is the storage limit for the XFINITY Share app for XFINITY customers that subscribe to a X1 Triple play or Quad play with X1 DVR?

20 GB of storage (5 GB + additional 15 GB)
Einstein doc id: PRD1332


The Cisco Xi4 is a new HD set top box which has what two unique features?

It supports 4K content and uses the new APS 4 (Advanced Power Supply).
Einstein doc id: DG425


What is our all-new intranet site that offers dynamic access to tools and information that help employees better manage their professional lives at Comcast?



It is a multiple-tuner solution for receiving premium, encrypted digital cable TV on your PC?

Einstein doc id: HOW3304


What splits Triple Play and Quad Play work orders into two separate jobs when the order contains XFINITY Home and non-XFINITY Home components. Two techs, one specializing in XFINITY Home, will be scheduled to install at the customer's home at the same time to increase completion rate and decrease average time to install.

Tandem Tech


This feature allows customers to see when our technicians will arrive at their home and rate the experience after they leave.

Tech ETA


A personalized entertainment management tool that helps you build a list of the TV shows and movies you'd like to watch and then easily sends that wish list to your X1 platform.



This is a fiber-to-the-home XFINITY Internet service that will deliver download and upload speeds of up to 2 Gbps to customer homes.

Gigabit Pro
Einstein doc id: PRD1352


Customers will be able to view additional information via our Gigabit Pro microsite?
Einstein doc id: PRD1352


What is the monthly recurring fee and equipment monthly lease for Gigabit Pro?

$299.95 per month and $19.95 per month for equipment
Einstein doc id: PRD1352


What is the Activation fee and Premium Installation fee for Gigabit Pro?

Up to $500 for activation and $500 for premium installation
Einstein doc id: PRD1352


What is required and must be agreed upon subscription of Gigabit Pro?

A two-year contract
Einstein doc id: PRD1352


A new technology which will help our frontline employees understand what a customer is seeing on his or her TV screen – even if he or she cannot accurately describe it?



Who worked with Comcast to bring the leading edge voice-enabled remote control technology to Xfinity customers?

Texas Instruments


There’s a huge transition today from old fashioned Infrared remotes to radio frequency (RF) remote controls based on this standard?

ZigBee® RF4CE™


This device can be used as the primary outlet in an X1 HD or SD household and it can support up to three Xi devices (XiD or Xi3)?

XG2 (Samsung and Pace)
Einstein doc id: PRD1370


Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing can now access video tutorials featuring American Sign Language (ASL) and open captions and will empower customers to learn the steps to set up closed captions on their own. You can find it where?


Stuff your head with everything there is to know about how XFINITY® stomps the competition. Take courses and earn yourself some badges, watch videos, find job aids, jump into the customer experience and more. What is this website called?


______ offers competitive fixed or variable electricity and natural gas supply plans, offering customers price certainty and protection. What is is called?

Energy Rewards
Einstein doc: PRD1351


With the Energy Rewards program, Comcast will not supply or deliver electricity or natural gas, instead we are a marketing partner with whom?

Crius Energy
Einstein doc: PRD1351


This is a cloud-based service that blocks or hangs up on illegal robocaller or telemarketer calls before they reach the intended residential phone number, and it's now available for use with XFINITY Voice!?

Einstein doc id: HOW7295


This channel is brought to you by Comcast with information about all of the Hispanic programming choices available through XFINITY TV?

XFINITY Latino Entertainment Channel (XLEC)
Einstein doc id: CHI1066


This feature enables customers with XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System to stream video content, including live TV and recorded DVR programs, directly to a smart TV without the need for an additional set-top box?

XFINITY for VidiPath
Einstein doc id: HOW10003


Comcast has launched a new streaming service in the Greater Boston and Greater Chicago Regions which offers XFINITY Internet customers (with Performance or higher) access to the best entertainment online without any additional equipment and the ability to build a personal library of favorites with Cloud DVR technology. What is this called?

Stream TV - Only From XFINITY
Einstein doc id: PRD1308


With Stream TV - Only From XFINITY, how much Cloud DVR storage space do you get?

about 20 hours


Stream TV is only available for purchase online at which website?


What is the cost for Stream TV?

30-day free trial before rolling to the standard $10/month plus up to $5 in taxes and fees.


What are the benefits of having Stream TV?

•Access live TV or XFINITY On Demand for the latest TV shows in the home or on-the-go using the XFINITY TV app or online at
•Schedule, manage and watch DVR recordings on any device at home or on-the-go using the XFINITY TV app or online at
•Utilize about 20 hours of Cloud DVR storage space.
•Record up to two shows at once while watching another.
•Download completed DVR recordings and select On Demand programs for offline viewing on any mobile device.


a third party service provider and includes exciting, new features like an easy-to-use drag and drop site builder, hundreds of beautiful themes, mobile website and editing features, iPhone and Android apps for managing sites, premium support and much more.

Weebly Pro
Einstein doc id: TLK2584


Version 2.5 of the XFINITY TV app for Apple and Android devices is now available and what device is now supported?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S


Einstein now prohibits inappropriate modifications to all customer-facing fields, such as username, customer name, email, password and address. Inappropriate modifications include all derogatory terms commonly identified profane or considered to be slurs or insults. What is this feature called?

Einstein Profanity Check


What languages are available for the Voice Control feature that provides our customers the ability to switch channels, find On Demand content and view their favorite TV shows and movies more easily than ever before?

English and Spanish (beta trial)


the app allows XFINITY TV customers to watch Ultra HD (also referred to as 4K) XFINITY On Demand content without a set-top box on eligible 4K Samsung Smart TVs is known at what?

Ultra High Definition (HD) Sampler app
Einstein doc id: PRD1229


From now through December 14, what voice command was added to help increase engagement with the voice remote from XFINITY?

Teen Titans Go! Voice Command
Einstein doc id: CPN2633


a voluntary plan that provides additional choice and flexibility for our customers who may make heavier use of the Internet and know exactly what their bill will be each month?

XFINITY Internet Unlimited Data Option


The Unlimited Data Option costs how much per month regardless of data usage?

$35 per month


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