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In regards to evidence, when properly packaged, what is required to be written on the package and/or evidence tape?

1. E# handwritten

2. Initials

3. Badge # of booking officer

4. Date of booking

**Info shall overlap both the evidence tape and the package


When booking evidence related to a civilian or administrative investigation, WHAT number shall be noted in AIS, and WHERE ELSE shall it be noted?

1. Control #

2. Noted on CHP 36 as well


When booking controlled substances, WHERE shall the weights be noted?

1. On package

2. On CHP 36


When controlled substances return from the DOJ lab, what shall the evidence officer DO?

1. Re-weigh the package

2. Record the updated weight on the CHP 36


In regards to evidence, when money is counted by two employees, what shall be noted on the CHP 36 and on the Financial Talley sheet?

1. Printed names

2. ID's

3. Signatures


When money, from evidence, is forwarded to FMS, what shall be attached to the copy of the CHP 36?

White copy of CHP 251, Counter Receipt


When a firearm is taken into evidence, what shall be noted on the CHP 36?

1. Make

2. Model

3. Serial #


When a commander enters the evidence room during the time when the primary or back-up evidence officer is unavailable, how shall it be noted?

Check box on CHP 36S, Evidence Room Security Log, noting the commanders key was used


What kind of ceilings are evidence rooms required to have?



Hinges on evidence room doors shall be what?

On the inside


In regards to purchases, how many price quotes are required for acquisitions of less than $5000?



When X#'s are obtained for telecommunications-related services, who shall the X#'s be obtained from?

Telecommunications section


Who's approval is required before obtaining a X# for facility-related services?

Facilities Regional Analyst assigned to the command


When X#'s are awarded to a NON-CERTIFIED small or disabled veteran business vendor, how many price quotes shall be obtained?



When X#'s are awarded to a CERTIFIED small or disabled veteran business vendor, how many price quotes shall be obtained?



In regards to contracts, when a conference room rental cost exceeds WHAT, prior approval is required from WHO?

1. $500

2. Appropriate AC


When charging for TC reports, when the initial report has been purchased, up to how many pages of a supplemental report may be provided for FREE?

25 pages


When issuing a counter receipt for a purchased collision report, where shall the counter receipt # ALSO be documented?

On the face of the check or money order


When a counter receipt is voided, what shall happen to it?

"VOID" shall be written on ALL copies, and it shall be returned to FMS, Cashiering Unit


The collection for sales, payments, and/or witness fee deposits shall be transmitted to FMS, Cashiering Unit, at the FIRST occurrence of what 3 things?

1. $1000 cash

2. $10,000 in cash, checks, money orders, and warrants (excluding state warrants and checks)

3. Close of BUSINESS each Thursday


How shall the commander notify FMS of who is in charge of the CHANGE and PETTY CASH funds?

By memo


All shortages of petty cash due to fraud, embezzlement, robberies, and shortages of WHAT DOLLAR AMOUNT, shall be reported to FMS within WHAT time frame?

1. $6 or more

2. Next BUSINESS day


In regards to the Key Contact Program, when shall state officials be informed of any local incidents that are MAJOR in nature and within CHP jurisdiction?



In regards to the Key Contact Program, how many times per year shall the CAHP District rep. accompany the Area Commander to visit elected state officials?

At least ONCE


In regards to the Key Contact Program, how often shall the commander send correspondence to their state Key Contacts advising them of Area accomplishments?



In regards to the Key Contact Program, how often shall the commander contact the local county sheriff or staff members?

1. As often as possible, but...

2. Not less than ONCE per QUARTER


In regards to Fleet Management, prior to sending a vehicle to a vendor for service, what item shall the auto tech. remove from the vehicle?

Fuel credit card


When a commander elects to utilize a specialty shop for safety-related repairs such as brake work, what is the minimum amount of COMMERCIAL, GENERAL, and AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE, and minimum amount of GARAGE-KEEPERS LEGAL LIABILITY INSURANCE they are required to possess?

1. $1,000,000

2. $100,000


In regards to Fleet Management, scheduled maintenance shall be completed within HOW MANY MILES of the specified mileage interval?

500 miles


When a gasoline order is received, discrepancies over HOW MANY GALLONS shall be reported to the Purchasing Services Unit?

500 gallons