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What are the 5 Participative Management Philosophies (CLOPP)?

1. Command Accountability

2. Leadership and Innovation

3. Organizational Development

4. Personnel Development

5.Public Responsibility


Through participative management and planning philosophies, the Department promotes what at each command level (RAD)?

1. Responsibility

2. Accountability

3. Decision making


When shall a commander leave an itinerary?

1. Away during duty hours, and...

2. Not in radio contact, or available by phone.


What are the CHP's Professional Values?


Esprit de Corps


Who has final discretion in assigning an OIC to supervise uniformed admin. employees (i.e. Vehicle Theft Task Force, Air Ops)?

Division Commander


When planning a freeway memorial dedication, within HOW MANY DAYS (minimum) shall the Area Commander send an operations plan, and to whom?

1. 30 days minimum, to...

2. Division Commander


When shall supervisors refuse to accept subpoenas for employees?

1. When they are last minute, and...

2. The employee is off-duty; unless the employee has received prior notice


Under what circumstances would a commander override a supervisors refusal to accept a last minute subpoena?

1. If the employee's attendance is deemed critical, and...

2. There's a belief the employee can be reached


While driving a PV, when are employees exempt from paying toll?

1. Responding to/returning from urgent or emergency call

2. Engaged in urgent or emergency response

3. Response directly related to emergency response


When driving a State Vehicle, when are employees required to stop and pay toll?

1. When the vehicle is not equipped with a FasTrack, or...

2. The plates are not included in a license plate tolling system.


If an employee on State business, but driving their personal vehicle, wishes to dispute toll payment, what shall they do?

Submit a memo concerning the incident to the Commander, who will then forward it to Division


If an employee on State business, but driving their personal vehicle, seeks reimbursement for toll payment, what shall they do?

Sumbit a Travel Claim


CHP enforcement efforts must be consistent with what?

CHP Organizational Values (R.E.E.F.)


ATS 415's (A415's) shall not include what (in regards to violators/contacts)?

1. Name

2. Address

3. SSN

4. Or any other unique personal identifying info


When a train needs to be stopped, what shall the employee notify dispatch of?

1. Name of railroad

2. Nature of problem

3. Location


When an owner of dead livestock can't be located or notified, and it's necessary for an employee to store/confine a carcass, who shall immediately be notified?

Secretary of Food and Agriculture


In reference to storing/confining dead livestock carcasses (when the owner can't be notified or located), a notification to who will satisfy the notification requirement to the Secretary of Food and Agriculture?

Appropriate hide and brand inspector


In reference to storing/confining dead livestock carcasses (when the owner can't be notified or located), the employee shall direct removal to what kind of plant?

A reduction works plant


Ride-a-longs SHOULD be approved for?

1. Non-uniformed CHP employees

2. Persons considering employment with the CHP

3. Persons currently involved in the Cadet Selection Process

4. Cadets with WRITTEN Academy approval


Ride-a-longs MAY be approved for?

1. Members of the public WITH a specific need to observe CHP operations

2. Allied's, DA's, judges, politicians, and news media


If a CHP employee wants to do a ride-a-long with an Allied agency while ARMED, what is required?

Written approval from CHP Commander FIRST


If an Allied Agency employee wants to do a ride-a-long with CHP, what can the CHP commander require?

The Allied Agency employee to be in uniform


If an officer has identified a foreseeable hazard, but they have to leave due to a higher priority call, what shall they inform the occupant of the disabled vehicle of first?

1. Officers shall warn the party of the foreseeable hazards

2. Inform them of precautions to lessen their exposure to those hazards


In regards to the reporting of highway conditions, Department personnel shall only report what?

1. Existing hazards, or...

2. Potentially hazardous conditions


In regards to the reporting of highway conditions, Department personnel shall not publicly comment on conditions when?

Proper analysis would require expertise in highway design and/or maintenance


Officers may be required to double up during 0600 hours to 2200 hours under what circumstances (TIO)?

1. Officer safety

2. Training or field orientation

3. Insufficient patrol vehicles


Who's approval is required before officers can patrol solo between the hours of 2200 hours to 2400 hours and 0400 hours to 0600 hours?

Division Commander


The MVARS policy is to be adhered to by who?

All sworn employees who operate enforcement vehicles equipped with MVARS.


MVARS shall be powered on at all times during shift, except when?

In battery life preservation mode


What 5 enforcement actions and activities shall be recorded on MVARS in their entirety (PEE-DV)?

1. Pursuits

2. Enforcement contacts; including peds on freeway

3. Emergency response (Code-3)

4. Disabled motorists

5. Vehicle searches (not inventories)