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Tort Law

The branch of civil law that deals with civil wrongs other than breaches of contract


Prejudgement Interest

interest that may accrue on damages before a judgement has been rendered


Post judgement Interest

interest that may accrue on damages after a judgement has been entered in a court and before the money is paid


Products and Completed operations

is the possibility that an organization will be helf liable because of bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident arising out of products manufactured, sold or distributed by the organizations and occuring after the products are no longer on the organizations premises or in the organizations physical possession or by an accident arising out of the organizations completed work, including defecting parts or materials furnished with the work


Personal and advertising injury liability

injury including consequential bodily injury, arasing out of : false arrest, malicious prosecutions, wrongful eviction, oral and written publications, libel, slander, violates right of privacy, use of another idea in advertising, infringing upon copyright, trademarks or slogans


Mobile equipment

any of various types of vehicles designed for use principally off public roads, such as bulldozers and cranes