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Employers non ownership liability

an employers liability for its employees operations of their autos in the employers business


garage keepers coverage

the coverage, included in the garage coverage form, for damage to customers autos in the named insureds care


Zone rated vehicles

trucks in the medium and larger size classes that are operated beyond a 200 mile radius of the principal garaging-location and that are subject to zone rating which considers the territories in which insureds vehicles operate


symbol 1- any auto

Coverage is provided for any auto including autos owned by the names insured , autos the named insured hires or borrows from others and other no owned autos used in the insured business


Symbol 2- owned autos only

Coverage applies to all autoed owned by named insured, any coverage’s under BACF, when used to signal liability coverage it also includes trailers the named insured does not own while attached to power units owned by the insured


Symbol 3- owned private passenger autos only

Coverage is provided for only private passenger autos owned by the names insured, can be used for signaling any coverage’s under BACF


Symbol 4- owned autos other than private passenger autos only

Coverage provides for autos owned by the names insured except private passenger autos


Symbol 5- owned autos subject to no fault

Only on the personal injury protection (PIP) or added PIP line of the declarations


Symbol 6- Owned autos subject to compulsory uninsured motorist law

Used only for uninsured motorist coverage, indicated coverage is provided only for autos that are required by law to have it


Symbol 7- specifically described autos

Coverage applies only to those autos specifically descried in the policy for which a premium is shown


Symbol 8- hired autos only

Coverage for autos leased, hired, rented or borrowed by the named insured, does not included autos rented leased, borrowed by named insured’s employees or family


symbol 9- non owned autos only

Only for signaling liability coverage, provided covered autos status for autos not owned, leased hired or borrows by the names insured while such autos are used in connection with the names insured business


Symbol 19- mobile equipment subject to compulsory or financial responsibiiity or other motor vecichle insurance law only

Can be used for signaling any coverage under BACF