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What are the characteristics of commercial sport?

1) pro sport- high quality

2) sponsorship and business

3) entertainment

4) contracts

5) athletes as commodities

6) wide media coverage


What are the advantages of commercialisation?

1) provides money for the sport- facilities and coaching

2) leads to more events

3) provided positive role models and increases a sports profile

4) prompts increased participation

5) allows athletes to earn/work full time so they can focus on training


What are the disadvantages of commercialisation?

1) success becomes main focus- encouraging deviant behaviour,cheating

2) tends to support already popular sports

3) favour male dominated sports over female


What are the effects of commercialisation on performers?

1) receive high incomes for participation

2) paid for successful results- making winning important

3) can put pressure to performer when injured

4) become household names

5) controlled by sponsors, public commodities and lack privacy


What are the effects of commercialisation on sport?

1) rules have been changed to speed up action and prevent boredom for spectators

2) breaks provided in play so that sponsors can advertise services

3) competition formats have changed

4) sports played by women get less coverage

5) the increased use of tech means the audience become more involved


What are the advantages of media coverage?

1) raises the profile of the sport

2) raises participation

3) more money available


What are the disadvantages of media coverage?

1) lowers a sport profile if there is lack of coverage

2) lowers participation if no role models

3) lack of money


What are the 3 aspects of the triangle?





Discuss the suggestion that an increase in the ‘commercialisation’ of sport has been
beneficial for performers and the sport. (7 marks)

A. Increaseinwages/prizemoney/extrinsicrewards/ increased sponsorship/professional contracts
B. Performersbecomewellknown/rolemodels
C. Increasedparticipation/increasedspectators
D. Moneytoprovidebetterfacilities/betterequipment/
training support/better coaches/research/talent identification programme/technology at events to aid officials/equiv.
E. Performersabletotrainfulltime
F. Increase in number of events/competitions
Not beneficial
G. Increase in deviant behaviour/cheating/doping/violent play
H. Notallsportsbenefit/moneymainlygoestopopular sports
I. Sport loses control/organisation of events/corporate hospitality taking tickets
J. Over-reliance on money as income
K. Rulesalter/formataltered/forcedtoturnfromamateurto
L. Greater pressure/expectation on performers to win


Discuss the suggestion that the increased media coverage of elite sport has had a positive impact on coaches. (4 marks)

A. Greater profile/public awareness of their role
B. Increased salary/job opportunities
C. Greater funding from media rights to develop players/team/squad/
support systems
D. Easier to analyse opposition
E. Learn from other coaches
F. Greater pressure/expected to produce results
G. Greater expectation to deal with media/answer questions/invasion
of privacy or equiv
H. Hire and fire culture/easier to lose job
I. Coaches at clubs/sports with less coverage have less funding
J. Coaches at clubs/sports with less coverage find it harder to attract
K. Media allows opposition access to team tactics


Explain the reasons for companies investing such large sums of money in sport.
[3 marks]

A. Raise awareness of brand/increased publicity/Increase sales of their products/brand becoming more fashionable
B. Linked to sport with good image/improve company image/link to excellence/improve community involvement/improve public relations
C. Opportunity for corporate hospitality/entertain clients
D. Improve company morale/employees feel linked to success of sport
E. Tax relief for sponsoring companies


Outline the disadvantages to a sport of increased media control.
[4 marks]

A. Traditional nature of the sport changes/new competitions/formats introduced/rules/regulations/scoring systems altered/clothing/ uniforms changed/breaks in play
B. Playing times altered/playing seasons altered
C. Location of events may be influenced by commercial considerations
D. Ticket allocations given to sponsors not fans
E. More popular sports gain more coverage at expense of minority sports
F. Media can direct public opinion/support about sport or event/over
sensational negative events eg deviancy
G. Fewer viewers for some sports due to pay-per-view/subscription
H. Lower attendance at events that are televised
I. Over-saturation on television/spectators become bored with too much


Explain why an elite performer should consider the nature of a sponsor and their products before accepting a sponsorship deal.
[3 marks]

A. theperformerisarolemodelforothers
B. sportperformersthereforehaveasocialdutytoothers/human
rights/unethical manufacturing of goods
C. commercialsupportdependsupontheimageoftheperformer
D. linkingtoaproductthatdoesnotreflectthenatureof
sport/healthy life styles/ e.g. links to tobacco companies or
alcohol/junk food
E. mayendangerfuturecommercialsupport
F. bring criticism to the performer/bad reputation
G. benefits one sponsor will bring compared to another e.g. level of
H. Levelofcontrolexertedbysponsor/commitment/expectation
e.g. public appearance or equiv.