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A subconscious effort to save the patient money results in:

• Significant loss in revenue
• Forces the pt. to live with less than optimal vision and comfort
• Fewer word-of-mouth referrals


Number 1 big mistake:

making assumptions about the what the patient can (or can’t) afford


Number 2 big mistake:

don’t tell them, sell them


The most important part of selling is building _____ and finding out what the pt. _____ .

1. Trust and relationships
2. Needs and values


When to offer CareCredit?why?

better to offer it at the beginning so as not to discriminate
 Avoids awkward moments in Optical later
 Allows the pt. to process information and plan ahead
 Removes mental obstacles (pre-sets the pt. to purchase)


While dispensing, Review the frame and lens features and benefits. Why?

Pts. forget and they paid lots for the glasses
Reviewing benefits builds value
Pts. talk about their new glasses so give them info to talk about. You want their friends to ask…


What are the few technical issues about frame re-use ?

concern is the responsibility of breaking or damaging the patient’s frame while in the process of placing new lenses into it.
the patient may have to go without his or her primary eyeglasses while the frame is sent to the lab for new lenses


Dealing with the upset patient

Use the HEAT strategy…
Hear them out
take responsibility


whats important about offering packages?

Patients should have three options: high end, middle, and low


Patient is a 1st time glasses wearer, what is need to investigate before offering PAL, Bifocal, or two SV glasses?

Have to investigate the patient’s lifestyle and needs more


Oval face

Can wear almost any shape
Naturally balanced
High cheekbones with a slightly smaller forehead and chin
Avoid low temples, oval or round styles
Start with a classic rectangle or frames that add angles



Proportional in length and width
Strong, prominent jaw line, square chin and broad, deep forehead
Avoid ; square shaped frames, Low-set temples or color accents on the bottom of the frames that draw emphasis to the chin
Don’t put lines on a face with lines
Look for oval or round frames to soften the natural angles in their face



Face is equal in length and width
Soft curved appearance with few natural angles
Avoid round ,Small frames that are out of proportion & Short frames that accentuate face length.
Try geometric or rectangular styles that accent and add contrast



Wide forehead, high cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin
Looks great in rimless styles as well as softened cat-eye shapes
Try low set temples that draws the eye downward
avoid Top-heavy styles that draw attention upward & Decorative temples that accentuate the broad upper face.



Similar width of forehead and jawline
Looks great in broad frames with accented top rim or decorative temples to add width
Select tall or deep frames that makes the face appear shorter
avoid Small frames that are out of proportion & Short frames that accentuate face length.