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what is the objective of the VFR flight planning and alerting service?

To determine the location of VFR aircraft that have gone overdue.


How many search and rescue regions are there?

3, Victoria, Trenton and halifax


FCOM establishes a search area that extends ____ miles on all sides of a proposed route of flight.



what is a missing aircraft notice?

A message issued by a joint rescue co-ordination center (JRCC) to ATS units, giving details of a missing aircraft


Provide alerting service to:

-Aircraft which you have acknowledged receipt of a VFR flight plan or itinerary
-Other aircraft on a flight itinerary reported overdue


An aircraft on a VFR plan is considered overdue when both of the following apply:

-Communications cannot be established
-No arrival report is received at the specified SAR time


If a responsible person reports an aircraft overdue, do all of the following:

-Obtain flight itinerary information
-Record the name and number of the responsible person
-Forward info to the JRCC
-Assist the JRCC as appropriate


Prior to the overdue time, a ________ shall be conducted by the destination unit.

A preliminary search


Prior to a VFR flight plan or itinerary overdue time, as required:

-Review the flight plan or itinerary
-Check the unit 'fast close' voice box for a closure message
-Call the aircraft on appropriate frequencies
-Contact the appropriate ATS or CARS unit to obtain the following:
a.The ATD
b. The ATA at destination
-call contact numbers provided in flight plan/itinerary
-Transmit a QALQ message to departure unit
-Request supplemental FP data from responsible unit


For overdue aircraft, how long will they remain in the ALERTING list?

24 hours


If you receive a QALQ message:

-Verify the overdue time
-Ascertain the ATD with the FSS, twr or CARS that serves the departure aerodrome
-if appropriate, transmit a request flight plan message to the responsible unit.


What does FCOM stand for?

Flight communications search manual


Who maintains contact and aerodrome information in FCOM? obstacle and weather locations?

-The FIC


When is the INREQ sent?

at Overdue time


At the overdue time:

-If SAR action is initiated contact the person or company to be notified
-If dearture aerodrome is in your AOR arrrange for a field check
-Arrange for a destination field check
-Establish search area
-Provide available info to JRCC
-Inform the ACC of the overdue aircraft


Transmit the INREQ message to:

-the JRCC
-the departure unit
-other assisting units
-The US tie in facility


When will the ALNOT be sent?

Overdue time +1 hour, or earlier if all INREQ responses are negative


Transmit an ALNOT to:

-the departure unit
-other assisting units
-the US tie in facility


If the aircraft is not located at the overdue time +2 hours, or earlier if all the ALNOT responses are negative:

-Inform the JRCC, assisting units and tie in facility that comsearch haas been completed
-If requested by the JRCC, conduct further com search activities


In the US, an aircraft on a VFR flight plan is iverdue if it fails to arrive ___ minutes after ETA. For itineraries it is ____ after ETA

30 mins
1 hour