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What are the 6 different sections of the FIMS flight plan form

-Flight plan data area
-Home based flight plan search and utility functions area
-Flight status, alert status and information area
-AFTN addressing area
-Toolbar area
-Status bar area


When departure is within US-controlled airspace, accept flight plans only, provided that the following apply:

-Proposed departure times are within a 24 hour period
-Complete FP information has been obtained for each flight segment
-The first flight originates in Canadian controlled airspace
-Only one departure is in US controlled airspace
-You have passed FP information to your unit's ACC


If a clearance is required less than ___ minutes after filing, advise the pilot the clearance might be delayed



for transborder flights originating close to the border, pilots are required to file flight plans at least ____ before departure

1 hour


For IFR flights, when accepting FP/FI with departures from a location with no TWR,FSS, or CARS:

-Obtain the contact number for the departure location to which you may direct queries concerning aircraft status
-Request that the pilot inform an ATS unit if the flight will not depart within 60 minutes of the proposed time


At the FIC, departures can be received in a number of ways:

-Fax, phone call, or ATC line call from a control tower or ACC
-EXCEEDS message from an ATS unit
-En route FISE contact from the filed aircraft
-Phone call from a responsible person
-Departure message from FSS, FIC, or ACC


If you are the destination unit, transmit an acceptance message for a VFR FP as follows:

either within 30 minutes of the receipt time, or prior to the ETA, whichever is earlier


When a pilot of a VFR aircraft requests that a VFR FP/FI be closed

Obtain all relevant information from the pilot
-Close the FP/FI
-Acknowledge the closure and inform pilot that alerting service is terminated


When a change in ETA is received:

- If the destination aerodrome is outside your AOR, transmit a mod message to the destination unit
-For transborder, send a mod message to the destination unit


Transmit a delay message when an aircraft is delayed for more than ______ minutes after the ETD



If you haven't received an acceptance message, transmit a request for one at the earlier of:

-Within 30 minutes after departure message transmit
-prior to the ETA


If you have not received a reply to the requested acceptance message contact the destination unit at the earlier of:

-Within 30 minutes after the request
-prior to the ETA


What is the purpose of VFR flight planning processing and alerting service

to systematically monitor the movement of VFR aircraft that have filed flight plans/itineraries.


To provide alerting services we:

-Monitor the movement of VFR aircraft
-Apply standardized procedures for processing FP/FI
-Take actions to ensure integrity of the alerting service, and
-Determine the location of overdue aircraft


what are some duties that trigger alarms for the specialist:

-Alerting duties
-Overdue departures
-FP/FI that require ACP messages
-Errors in flight planning
-Information about standard and non standard flight messages
-any other


The ____________ is a window that displays information on any flight that has been provided service by the FIC

Flights list display


FIMS assists the specialist by ___________ FP/FIs that require attention.

Highlighting and alarming


When the pilot of a VFR aircraft requests that a VFR FP/FI be closed:

-Obtain from the pilot all relevant information
-Close the FP
-Acknowledge the closure and inform the pilot that alerting services are terminated
-Provide weather information if appropriate


A pilot who has filed a flight plan shall ensure that an arrival report is filed as soon as practicable after landing but not later than:

-The SAR time specified in the Flight plan
-Where no SAR time is specified, one hour after last reported ETA