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Identify types of information requiring immediate sharing within the FIC

-In-flight emergencies
-Significant WX
-Overdue aircraft
-Contingency routing
-Flight plan changes


Conduct a transfer of operating position responsibility when either of the following apply:

-you are relieving or being relieved by another FSS
-2 or more operating positions are being combined or one position is being split


When relieving another FSS from an operating position

-Review the record of significant information
-Observe operational situations and equipment
-Listen to communications
-Correlate information
-Inform the specialist that the position has been reviewed and request a verbal briefing
-Ensure you understand the briefing by asking questions
-once you have understood the briefing inform the specialist that the position responsibility has been transferred


When being relieved from an operating position:

-Provide a verbal briefing when requested
-use the position transfer checklist and record of significant information
-record the briefing
-monitor the relieving specialist to reinforce the briefing


What are 5 common errors during position transfers?

-Not using checklists and notes
-Not taken seriously
-The work area is not cleaned up and the on-coming specialist is distracted with tidying up.


In case of AFTN failure, for SS and DD messages implement the contingency plan immediately, for other messages, implement the plan whenever the failure is expected to last more than ___ minutes



The designated unit is also responsible for the issuance of a CARS clsd notam if ____ consecutive METARs have not been received



Identify agencies with which agreements are made

-Private ATS
-Airport authorities
-civic authorities
-Private pilots
-Flying clubs
-Charter companies


What are examples of agreements?

-Special aviation events
-Wx info and Notam fax agreement
-Agreement to file FP by fax
-Master FP agreements