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What is compression used for?

Gain and volume control
Tonal manipulation
Side chain processing


What were compressors used for in WW2?

Limited band width on radio broadcasts to make them travel further


What does a do?

Controls the dynamic range of an audio signal - makes the louder sounds quieter and the quieter sounds louder


What does threshold do in a compressor?

Tell the compressor at what point to begin processing. When the signal exceeds the threshold, the compressor will start working


What does ratio do in a compressor?

The amount of gain reduction applied when the signal exceeds the threshold.
EG: if the ratio is 3:1, a signal exceeding the threshold by 3dB will cause only a 1dB increase in level at the output


What does attack do in a compressor?

How long a compressor takes to pull the gain down one the threshold has been exceeded


What does release do in a compressor?

How long it takes the gain to come back up to normal once the signal has fallen back below the threshold


What is hard knee

Nothing happens until the signal reaches the threshold, when it reaches the threshold the full amount of gain reduction is immediately applied


Afar is soft knee

The gain reduction is brought in progressively over a range of 10dB


What is the RMS setting?

The compressor will ignore the occasional loud peaks and focus on consistent volume levels


What is the peak setting?

The compressor will work from key transients in the sound


What does holdtime do in a compressor?

Introduces a slight delay before the release phase which prevents the envelope shaper from going into release mode until the hold time has finished


What does stereo do in a compressor?

Forces both channels to work together so that the compression settings are mimicked for each channel


What is side chain compression?

Using one audio source to trigger the compression of another audio source


What is parallel compression?

A technique which consists of splitting the signal into two. One path is the original signal and the other path is the compressed signal. Both signals at then mixed together


What is de - essing?

A technique used to reduce or eliminate excessive prominence of sibilant consonants. The compression begins when the level of the signal in the sibilant range exceeds the set threshold.


What is gating?

A gate is a device that mutes the signal whenever it’s level falls below the threshold


What is multi - band compression?

A compressor that comprises a set of filters that splits the audio signal into two or more frequency bands. After passing through the filters, each frequency band is fed into its own compressor after which the signals are recombined