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When does palatal development begin?

at 6 weeks gestation.


Orofacial development: What is "merging" and "fusion"?

Merging: face develops in halves and the halves grow towards each other.

Fusion: The facial structures come together. The palate is formed through fusion.


What kind of joint forms the palate?

a synarthrodial joint (a strong, immovable joint)


When does the palate fuse?

Between the 8th and 9th week. The palate MUST be fused by week 9!


What are the "branchial arches," and when do they start forming?

The primordial remnants of gills. Begin forming at 27-28 days gestation.


How many pairs of branchial arches are there in humans?

Five- Mandibular arch, Hyoid arch, Thyrohyoid arch, + two more nondistinct, unnamed arches.


Name the 6 types of cleft.

cleft lip
cleft alveolus
cleft of primary palate
cleft of secondary palate
submucous cleft
complete cleft- unilateral or bilateral.


What are the bones of the hard palate?

1. premaxilla (of primary palate)
2. palatine process of maxilla (secondary palate)
3. palatine bones (secondary palate)
4. soft palate


What are the types of teeth?

incisors, cuspids (canines), bicuspids, & molars


What does an occlusion tell you about?

the anterior-posterior molar relationship


What is a normal occlusion ?

The top molar should be slightly behind the bottom molar.


what is a class I occlusion?

teeth may be crooked but molar relationship is normal.


what is a class II occlusion?

An overbite. The maxilla is too far forward in relationship to the mandible.


What is a class III occlusion?

The maxilla is retrograde (too far behind the mandible)


What is the typical bite of a child with cleft?

class III (retrograde maxilla- maxilla too far behind mandible)


a) What is a crossbite?

b) What is a lingual crossbite and population is it common in?

The lateral relationship of the molars is incorrect.

Lingual crossbite = Upper molars are collapsed towards the tongue. Common in cleft palate.


What is an "overjet?"

Top 4 teeth are to far in front of bottom teeth, and cover bottom teeth.


Levator veli palatini works with tensor veli palatini at the midline raphe for Eustachian tube ________.

function (to lift the soft palate)


The superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle takes part in ________ closure.

velopharyngeal port


list the muscles of the palate.

levator veli palatini
superior pharyngeal constrictor
musculus uvulae
tensor veli palatini


What is the "Rule of Tens?"

Describes the earliest you can give a baby cleft palate surgery:

10 weeks old
10 grams of hemoglobin minimum.


Which palatal muscle is CRITICAL for Eustachian tube function? Why?

Tensor veli palatini.

If tensor veli palatini does not come together to form the muscular sling, the Eustachian tube will not function correctly (ear infections).