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Adición: addition

Además: Furthermore, also, in addition, besides

No solo... sino también...: Not only… but also…

También: Also, too, as well.

Igualmente: Equally, Likewise.


Causa: Cause

Debido a: Because of, due to.

Puesto que: Since, given that, because.

Gracias a: Thanks to.

Ya que: Considering that, because, since, now that.


Condición: Condition

A menos que: Unless

En caso de que: In the event that.

Suponiendo que: Supposing that, assuming that.

Si: If


Consecuencia: Consequence

Así: Like this, like that, this way, in this way, in that way, thus.

Por consiguiente: Therefore, so, as a result.

Por eso | es por eso que: For that, that is why.

A consecuencia de: As a result of, as a consequence of.


Finalidad: Purpose, objective

A fin de | a fin de que: In order to, so that.

Con el objetivo de: With the objective of, with the goal of.

Para | para que: To, in order to, so that.


Ilustración: Illustration

Así: Like this, like that, this way, in this way, in that way, thus.

En otras palabras: In other words

o sea: That is to say, meaning, I mean, or rather, in other words.


Oposición: Opposition.

Sin embargo: Nevertheless, however.

Aunque: Although, in spite of, even though, even if, though.

A pesar de: In spite of, despite.

Al contrario: On the contrary, to the contrary.


Orden: Order

Finalmente: Finally.

Por otra parte | por otro lado: On the other hand.

Por último: Finally.


Referencia: Reference.

(Con) respecto a | (con) respecto de: Regarding, with respect to.

De esa manera: That way.

Según: According to, as soon as,


Resumen: Summary

En pocas palabras: In few words.

En resumen: In summary, to sum up.


Temporalidad: Temporality

Ahora: Now, right now, just now, at present, at the present moment, these days.
Ahora que: Now that.
Al final: In the end, at the end.
Al principio: At the beginning, in the beginning.
Antes: Before, in the past.
Apenas | tan pronto como: As soon as (tiene otros significados pero funcionan diferentemente).
Cuando: When.
Desde: Since, from.
Desde entonces: From then on, since then.
Durante: During.
En otro tiempo: In other time.
Enseguida: Immediately, right away.
Entonces: Then, so
Hasta: Until, down to.
Hoy en día: Nowadays.
Luego: Later, then, soon.
Más tarde: Later
Mientras: While, meanwhile, whereas.
Mientras tanto: Meanwhile, in the meantime.
Una vez que: Once, once that.