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I always owe money, I need to organize myself better

Yo siempre debo dinero, necesito organizarme más


You shouldn’t smoke so much. You cough like an old man

No deberías fumar tanto. Toses como un viejito


He offends a lot of people with his points of view, nevertheless he is very charismatic so he has a lot of friends

Él ofende a muchas personas con sus puntos de vista, sin embargo es muy carismático entonces tiene muchos amigos


If you guys bring the meat, we turn on the fire

Si ustedes traen la carne, nosotros prendemos la fogata

-In spanish we have many words for fire, ‘fogata’ in particular means a campfire or fire you sit around in general


If you guys sweep, we mop

Si ustedes barren, nosotros trapeamos


Children’s intelligence surprises me

La inteligencia de los niños me sorprende


I commit to study everyday

Me comprometo a estudiar todos los días


Your attitude does not correspond to that of an adult

Tu actitud no corresponde a la de un adulto


My little brother watches television the whole day, I don’t like that

Mi hermanito ve televisión todo el día, eso no me gusta


I don’t have a lot of money, nor am I very handsome or very intelligent, but… no, no, that’s it

Yo no tengo mucho dinero, ni soy muy guapo, o muy inteligente, pero… no, no, eso es todo

True that, but what are you gonna do ;)

-’Tener’ is not a regular verb but is rather important to know it from the beginning and not wait until we get to irregulars


It makes me sad when I find out that someone I know is racist, sexist or homophobic

Me pone triste cuando descubro que alguien que conozco es racista, sexista u homofóbico

-In this example we use the verb ‘descubrir’ as a translation of finding out, we could have expressed that in other forms, for example: me doy cuenta. Nevertheless we use the verb descubro because we are practicing regular verbs. We will see other forms in the future

-Don’t be intolerant to other people’s choices, who they are or who they love. All of the cool kids let people be what they want to be.Though if you are studying this program, you probably rock and don’t need me to tell you that. So thumbs up for you!


In that bar they don’t let you in if you’re ugly, but I don’t go because… I don’t like the music

En ese bar no te permiten entrar si eres feo, pero yo no voy porque… no me gusta la música

-Notice how I don’t use the pronoun ‘they’ in Spanish for they don’t let you in: No te permiten entrar. In Spanish, when we use they to generalize, we omit it, another example of this would be: They say that the movie is good: Dicen que la película es buena

-Instead of the word ‘permitir’ we could the word ‘dejar’ it’s actually more common. Nevertheless this word is used for you to acquire more vocabulary and also because it’s definitely more of common word in Spanish than in English


My girlfriend is a little bit aggressive but she admits her mistakes and I like that

Mi novia es un poquito agresiva pero admite sus errores y eso me gusta


My friends and I argue all the time but we support each other when there are problems

Mis amigos y yo discutimos todo el tiempo pero nos apoyamos cuando hay problemas


You guys receive like a hundred emails a day. That’s too much

Ustedes reciben como cien correos electrónicos al día. Eso es demasiado


When prices rise in the supermarket, I act normal, but I cry inside

Cuando suben los precios en el supermercado, actúo normal, pero lloro por dentro


I write poetry because I am a romantic Mexican

Yo escribo poesía porque soy un mexicano romántico


My parents believe that God exists, I don't, but we still get along very well

Mis papás creen que Dios existe, yo no, pero igual nos llevamos muy bien


I realize that all these nice clothes I wear don’t cover my insecurities and complexes. Who I am inside is something apart

Me doy cuenta de que toda esta ropa bonita que uso no cubre mis inseguridades y complejos. Quien soy por dentro es algo aparte


My favorite coffee shop opens at seven in the morning

Mi café favorito abre a las siete de mañana


I suffer a lot in the cold

Yo sufro mucho en el frío


You live in a very nice neighborhood

Tú vives en un vecindario muy lindo


If you interrupt someone’s conversation, at least apologize

Si interrumpes la conversación de alguien, por lo menos discúlpate


I always decide what to do in the last moment

Yo siempre decido que hacer en el último momento


Mi brother only shares memes on his Facebook

Mi hermano solo comparte memes en su Facebook


When we are in an event and we don’t know what’s going on, we just clap

Cuando estamos en un evento y no sabemos qué pasa, solo aplaudimos


If you guys bore your students, they don’t learn

Si ustedes aburren a sus estudiantes, no aprenden


My friends print their documents at the corner

Mis amigos imprimen sus documentos en la esquina


We always coincide at the work parties

Nosotros siempre coincidimos en las fiestas del trabajo

-’Coincidir’ is more common to use in spanish that it is in English, that’s why we needed this example


I don’t describe the things I see very well so I take pictures

Yo no describo las cosas que veo muy bien, entonces tomo fotos.