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What was the issue of marriage to king Phillip II of Spain?

He had been married to Elizabeth’s sister Mary I and he was joint monarch of England. She died childless in 1558 and now he wanted to marry Elizabeth. Elizabeth didn’t not want to marry him and tensions grew.


What was the papal bull? 1570

The pope excommunicated Elizabeth and asked for all catholics to challenge Elizabeth rule.


What did the sailors do to piss Spain off?

Sir Francis Drake and other English sailors had spent years raiding Spanish ports and ships.


Why was the religious difference a big deal between Spain and England?

Such opposing religious led to conflict


What happens in the Netherlands? 1566?

There was a Protestant uprising
Elizabeth sent money and troops to support the Protestant
The angers Phillip obvs


Naval war fair tactics?

Line of battle
Fire ships
Technology developed more powerful cannons
New type of triangular sail called a lateen


What was Phillip II of Spain’s plan for the Spanish Armada? 1588

He launched his great armada 151 ships 7000 sailors and 34,000 soldiers to collect men from the Netherlands and then invade England


What formation would the Spanish sail to England in?

In an unbreakable crescent formation


What did the English do to attack the armada first?

The English commanded by sir Francis Drake strikes the Spanish fleet with 8 fire ships
This led the well organised armada into chaos


What happens at the battle on 8th August?

Battle of grave lines began
English fired constantly from a distance and badly damaged Spanish ships
Spanish commander duke of medinasidonia tried to lead battered ships home
English chased them


Why was the storm such a problem in the battle?

A great storm blew armada off course out of 151 ships only 65 returned to Spain


English tactics?

Fire ships broke formation
English cannons could fire at a distance
Ships were faster and had more skilled experienced commanders


Spanish mistakes?

Ships weren’t designed for the harsh conditions of the English Chanel and North Sea
The got delayed in the Netherlands waiting for soldiers
Weapons were for fave to fave combat but they could never get close
The commander of fleet was inexperienced


Consequences in the defeat of the armada?

Great victory for Elizabeth
Proved England was a major naval power
Most catholics declared their loyalty to her
More respected popular leader
Helped boost idea of golden age