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Catholic beliefs

Pope was the head of Church
In Latin
Highly decorated churches


Protestant beliefs

Monarch is head of church
In English
Plain churches


What was Elizabeth’s religious settlement?

A compromise
Services in English
She was the governor rather then head of church


The northern rebellion 1569

Inspired by Elizabeth’s refusal to allow the duke of Norfolk to marry her catholic cousin Mary queen of Scots
4600 men marched south
Norththumberland was executed and Norfolk imprisoned Westmorland escaped


The Rodolfo plot 1571

Led by Rifolfi but involved duke of Norfolk
The plan was the uprising was to coincide with an invasion of foreign catholics and murder of queen Elizabeth
Her cousin Mary queen of Scots to be on the Throne and marry the duke
Plan was discovered


The Thockmorton plot 1583

Led by sir Francis Thockmorton
Plan was to assassinate Elizabeth and replace with Mary queen of Scots
Plot failed and Thockmorton was executed


The Babington plot 1586

Led by Anthony Babington
The plan was to murder the queen and replace with Mary
The plot was discovered and led to the trial and execution of Mary


What was counter reformation?

Attempt by the Catholic Church to bring back Protestants back to old faith in 1568


Who were the jesuits?

Missionaries that were trained to convert Protestant population back into Catholicism


Name a key Jesuit in England?

Edmund campion who became a wanted man


What did the pope want?

The pope had made it clear with his papal bull that he wanted Elizabeth’s rule to end he said it was the duty of the catholics to challenge her rule


What did Elizabeth do to jesuits in 1585?

Act against jesuits and seminary priests called for them to be driven out of England or executed


Who were the puritans?

Strict Protestants


Who was sir Francis Walsingham?

The queens senior minister and spy master he was a Puritan


Who was Robert Dudley earl of Leicester

A privy councillor and potential husband


Why did Puritanism decline after 1590?

The deaths of Dudley and walsingham .John whitgift broke the organisation of Puritanism with harsh rules


Why did plots against Elizabeth fail?

Elizabeth was good at dealing with parliament
Spies helped uncover numerous plots
Mary was not trusted
Elizabeth was harsh with punishments
Religious settlement kept majority happy


A summary of religious changes?

Religious settlement brought stability to England
Pope excommunicated Elizabeth in 1570 leading to catholic threat
Catholics were treated harsh
Puritanism become popular and was encouraged
After 1590 puritans were felt with
Plots against Elizabeth were quickly uncovered