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Religious reasons for poverty?

The reformation left church employs without work
Closure of monasteries


Agriculture and poverty?

Bad harvests between 1594-1598
Led to starvation
Inflation- increased food prices
Enclosure- landlords keeping their sheep on land rather then grow crops
Not enough jobs


Population increase and poverty?

Population went from 2.8 million to 4 million


Attitudes towards the poor?

Many believed they should help
Almshouses were established
Many nobles believed they were better then the poor


Who were the undeserving poor?

Beggars who had no interest in honest work
A book published to label all poor as lazy and criminals was published in 1567


What did the idle poor do?

Clapper dudgeon wild cut him self and tie dirty bandages around the wounds to gain sympathy


Early attempts to deal with poverty

From 1495
Beggars were punished
They were whipped


Poor law?

Passed in 1601
Stated that wealthy should pay tax
Poor people should be given work

Many people believe it didn’t really make a difference


What were the 3 groups the poor were spilt into?

The helpless poor- sick or old
The able bodied poor- fit enough to work
The idle poor- punished and sent to house of correction