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- Lady Macbeth + Iago = both drive the main character to kill
- Desdemona + Lady Macbeth = drive their husbands to madness because they're too independent
- Othello + Macbeth = both military men who value their reputation
- Iago + Macbeth = driven to kill by a desire to climb the social ladder
- Jealousy as a destructive force/something that drives characters to madness



- Hamartia = Othello's insecurity and Hamlet's need to revenge
- Language used to manipulate people in monologues or soliloquies


King Lear

- Hamartia = Othello's insecurity, Lear's pride
- Othello + Lear = men who's reputation is larger than life



- Hamartia = Othello's insecurity, Coriolanus's pride and arrogance
- Othello + Coriolanus = men larger than life who can't survive in the 'real' world


Romeo and Juliet

- Both plays are arguably domestic tragedies, not political or wartime tragedies
- Circumstances are to blame for deaths in the play, not individual people
- The morality of murder and suicide


The Merchant of Venice

- Othello + Shylock = racism, the presentation is ethnic minorities as evil or in positions of power they shouldn't have


The Taming Of The Shrew

- Bianca + Desdemona + Emilia = women who are so independent that they are die for it
- Gender stereotypes