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what are the 2 components of consent

valid and legal


describe valid consent

is taken on the day for that specific treatment


what are the components of legal consent

have the ability - capacity
are informed
is their own decision - voluntary, not manipulated or coerced


what are the criteria for capacity

be able to act - make a decision
make a reasoned decision
understand their decision and consequences
communicate their decision
retain the memory of their decision


what is required for risk communication

describe the likelihood, severity and significance of the consequence to the patient


what is material risk and give an example

risks of treatment that may affect be more important to a patient. if a risk of disturbed taste and patient is a chef, may be more important. or if likelihood of severe pain the following day, need to take the day off work


when might consent not be required for treatment

in an emergency situation if the patient is unable to communicate their wishes. when treatment is required to save their life or to prevent serious deterioration of condition. treatment must be the least restrictive of the patients future choices