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define negligence

the omission to do something that a reasonable practitioner would do or doing something that a reasonable practitioner would not do


what is the criteria for negligence

there is a duty of care
the duty of care was breached
harm resulted as a direct cause of the breach of care
the harm was forseeable


when might a dentist not have a duty of care

only for their patients, if someone comes off the street - no duty of care. But, if they accept to examine them and accept them as a patient - duty of care


what are the standards of care

there is a normal procedure. the dentist fails to do this route. the route the dentist does take is not one that a reasonable practitioner would take for ordinary care.


what is contributory negligence

when the patients own negligent actions contributes to the harm caused


why must notes be kept to a good standard

if not, there is no evidence you did what you say you did. shows unprofessionalism - even if no causation, hard to defend with poor notes