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what are you at risk to be infected with after a sharps injury

HIV, hepatitis B or C


who is at risk at sharps injuries

healthcare workers


following a sharps injury, outline the steps that should be taken

stop treatment, inform patient of what has happened. make sharp sage
remove gloves and squeeze as much blood out as you can, then wash it with water and soap
assess the injury - first aid or is a&e required
let a clinician know what has happened
risk assessment - senior member of staff should do this, take blood sample of patient
establish contact - contact occupational health, can do blood sample


why should a senior member of staff carry out risk assessment and what should be done with this info

because the questions can be quite invasive, dont want to ask them if youre injured. this info is confidential, should be disposed of once used, and not put in patients notes


if the patient is determined as high risk, what should the student be offered

post exposure prophylaxis for both hep b and hiv, medical advice and treatment, counselling


why is anti-retroviral therapy not offered to everyone

it has many unpleasant side effects, not recommended unless source is confirmed high risk


what can be done to prevent sharps injuries

good training for handling and disposal of sharps
replace sharp where possible with safer tool
use safety mechanisms - safety plus system
deal with sharps injuries efficiently and immediately