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What is the Latham Report?

A report (Constructing a Team) in 1994 addressing issues within the industry, particularly the adversarial nature. It focuses on:
- allocation of risk
- conflict avoidance
- standardisation of contracts
- less ambiguity with payment


What is the Joint Fire Code?

Joint Fire Code was first published in 1992, providing guidance on fire safety on site as well as the prevention and detection of fire.


What is the HSE?

Health and Safety Executive- works to reduce work related illnesses, injuries and deaths


When is a project notifiable and can start on site?

The construction is scheduled to last longer than 30 working days, and it will have more than 20 workers working at the same time at any point in the building project.
Or, if the construction work has more than 500 person days.

Establish a PCI from the PD


What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 acts to prevent disputes in relation to
party walls,
boundary walls
excavations near neighbouring buildings.


What is the difference between a Section 106 and Section 278 agreement?

Section 106 – Legal agreements between developers and local authorities
S278 - Highways alterations


What actions have been taken since the Hackitt review?

A snap ban was introduced for combustible cladding on all buildings over 18m. This is likely to change to 11m.
-There is also a proposal to introduce sprinklers to all buildings over 11m. The previous law was over 30m.


What is the Hackitt review?

An independent review of the building regulations related to fire safety. Dame Judith Hackitt was the CEO of the HSE.
The review looked at:
-The regulatory system around design, construction and on-going management in relation to fire safety.
-Compliance and enforcement issues.
-International regulation and experience in this area.