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Where was RLS born?

Edinburgh in 1850


What professions did his family include?

Engineers, scientists, a professor philosophy and a religious minister


What problems did RLS encounter as a child?

He had tuberculosis.


What did RLS like to read about?

Travel and adventure


What did RLS's love of adventure and ill health lead to?

Him spending many years travelling the world to search for a climate healthier than Britain's


Where did RLS move to live in 1890?

Samoan Islands in the South Pacific


What year did RLS die?



What year did Darwin publish his Origin of Species?



What did many people see Darwin's book as?

An attack on religion as the book made it impossible to believe God created the world in seven days


What theory did Darwin put forward?

That all life evolved from more primitive forms


What were people's views on Science and Religion at the time of the release of Darwin's book?

That science and a belief in religion and the supernatural were at odds with each other. There was pressure to choose between the two.


What did people believe about science?

It was becoming dangerous and was meddling with matters only God had control over


When were the Jack the Ripper murders?



True or False?
Stevenson did follow his parent's expectations of him as a religious scholar.

Stevenson did NOT follow his parent's expectations of him as a religious scholar.
He became a bohemian who was critical of upper class hypocrisy and bourgeois values.


What was the economy like in Britain while the book was being wrote?

The book was written when the economic growth in England was booming, induced by the industrial revolution.
The Victorian period also saw a change in societal conventions - science played a more important role and there was a shift from religion to scientific theories.
The views of morality also changed: people started to engage in questionable activities and behaviours.


Why was the location of Hyde's door in the first chapter chosen?

The location of Hyde’s door in the first chapter was chosen by Stevenson, because it was notorious for crimes and criminal activities, prostitution and opium dens where well-respected men would visit brothels and consume opium.


What is the significance of the fog in the novel?

The fog is dirty and is associated with the depraved parts of London.
The fog also disguises and hides Hyde’s criminal activities.


Who was Deacon Brodie?

This man was a well-respected cabinet maker and pillar of the community - who was also a member of the local council and a representative of government.


How did Brodie make his money?

Brodie made his fortune by fixing locks and door mechanisms for people’s homes in the city.


What is the definition of debauchery?

Excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol, or drugs.


How did Brodie exhibit debauchery?

At night, he frequented the worst parts of Edinburgh and he drank excessive amounts of alcohol. He had two mistresses and a passion for gambling, and he had five illegitimate children as a result.


How did Brodie fund his debauchery?

To fund his debauchery, he started to steal from people as he entered their houses to repair doors.
Brodie was a master burglar, and he hid his crimes well from the rest of society, and managed to maintain his façade.


Who was Sigmund Freud?

A psychologist, worked over psychoanalysis between 1856 and 1938. He developed his personality theory.


What was Freud's idea that could have inspired RLS?

The human psyche (personality) has more than one aspect.
Freud saw the psyche structured into three parts: the id, ego and superego, all developing at different stages in our lives.


What is the Id of Freud's personality theory?

The id is the primitive and instinctive component of personality that includes sexual and aggressive instincts.


What is the Ego of Freud's personality theory?

The ego mediates between the unrealistic id and the external real world. It is the decision making component of personality.


What is the Superego of Freud's personality theory?

The superego incorporates the values and morals of society which are learned from one's parents and others. The superego's function is to control the id's impulses, especially those which society forbids, such as sex and aggression.