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What happens in Chapter One - Story of the Door?

Utterson and Enfield are out on a walk where they pass the strange looking door. Enfield recalls an incident by the door involving Mr. Hyde and a young girl he trampled.


What happens in Chapter Two - Search for Mr Hyde?

Utterson looks at Jekyll's will, which give everything to Hyde. Utterson visits Lanyon who has never heard of Hyde and hasn't seen Jekyll for ten years. He starts watching the door and speaks with Hyde. Utterson tries to warn Jekyll against Hyde, but he learns that all his servants have been instructed by Jekyll to obey Hyde.


What happens in Chapter Three - Dr Jekyll was Quite at Ease?

There is a dinner party at Jekyll's. Utterson speaks to Jekyll about the will.


What happens in Chapter Four - The Carew Murder Case?

Set nearly a year later, an elder is killed by Hyde. A letter to Utterson is found on the body. He leads the police to Hyde's house where they find the other half of the murder weapon.


What happens in Chapter Five - Incident of the Letter?

Utterson goes to Jekyll's, who is sick. Jekyll assures Utterson he will never see or hear of Hyde again. He gives Utterson a letter from Hyde. Guest spots a resemblance between Jekyll and Hyde's writing.


What happens in Chapter Six - Remarkable Incident of Dr. Lanyon?

The police can't find Hyde and Jekyll appears happier. Suddenly, Jekyll becomes distressed and refuses to see anyone. Utterson visits Lanyon who his on his deathbed, who hints that Jekyll is the cause of his illness. Lanyon dies and leaves a letter for Utterson that can only be opened if Jekyll disappears or dies.


What happens in Chapter Seven - Incident at the Window?

Utterson and Enfield take a walk and pass Jekyll's window. Jekyll refuses to leave the house and suddenly his expression changes and he disappears.


What happens in Chapter Eight - The Last Night?

Poole comes to Utterson, asking him to come to Jekyll's. Strange sounds that don't sound like Jekyll are coming from the laboratory, which is locked. Poole says the voice for days has been crying out for a chemical to be brought, but all the chemicals have been rejected as 'not pure'
They break down the door and find a dead body that appears to be Jekyll. There is a letter left for Utterson.


What happens in Chapter Nine - Dr. Lanyon's Narrative?

Content of Lanyon's letter.
Lanyon received a letter from Jekyll asking him to collect some stuff for him and give it to a man who would call at midnight.
The man that appears is Hyde who transforms into Jekyll in front of Lanyon.
The horror turns Lanyon ill.


What happens in Chapter Ten - Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case?

Jekyll tells the story of how he turned into Hyde.