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Of all the pregnancies in the U.S how many are intended and how many unintended?

51% intended

49% unintended
(half of unintended pregnancies consists of the small proportion of women who do not use contraceptives)


Consequences of unintended pregnancy

1. Inadequate prenatal care
2. Tobacco and alcohol use during pregnancy
3. Low birth weight
4. Infant mortality
5. Child abuse
6. Insuff. resources for child development


Preventing ovulation: which hormone alone will do the trick?

- prevents you from ovulating
- bleeding is withdrawl every month.

*estrogen just helps


How long can sperm last for in the female body?

3-6 days


Pharm effects of progestins as contraceptives

1. Inhibits ovulation by suppressing fxn of HPOvarian axis
2. Modified mid-cycle surges of LH and FSH
3. Diminishes ovarian hormone production
4. Reduces activity of cilia
5. Produces endometrial changes unfavorable to embryo implantation
6. Thickens cervical mucus to impede sperm transit


Depo provera injection MOA

big dose
works at all levels to suppress ovulation
- may see delay in return to fertility


Progestin only implant

systemic absorption

1. inhibit ovulation
2. thickens cervical mucus
3. Decrease tubal motility
4. Atrophic endometrium


Levonorgestrel IUD

Inhibits ovulation
2. decrease tubal motility
3. Atrophic endomet
4. THickens cervical mucus!!!!


Combined hormonal contraception

1. Inhibits ovulation
2. Decrease tubal motlity
4. thickens mucus

*more forgiveness


Methods that work the best?

Where pts dont have to do anything
1. IUD
2. Female sterilization
3. Copper IUD


EMergency contraception

same as BC but higher dose

1. Disrupt follicular development
2. Block LH surge
3. Inhibits ovulation
4. Disrupts luteal phase

- NOT SAME as abortion pill


Emergency contraception that works well for obese women

- ulipristal acetate
*progesterone receptor modulator


Effects of estrogen

Contraception benefit
1. Helps stabilize uterine lining-less breakthrough bleeding
2. Added suppression of FSH less follicle development

Noncontraceptive benefits
1. Reduces SHBG --> less male effects (acne)
2. Reduces ovarian cancer, endometrial, colon cancer risk


Physiologic risk of estrogen

1. Estrogen increases clotting factors
- II, VII, X, XII, VIII, fibrinogen
2. Shift towards thrombus formation and prevention of clot dissolution
3. Great risk of venous and arterial clot formation


Who should avoid combined hormonal contraception

1. smokers over 35
2. CAD / HD
3. Risk of cloths
4. Uncontrolled HTN
5. Diabetes w/ vascular changes
6. Migraines with aura
7. Active liver/gallbladder problems
8. Breast cancer
9. Prolonged immobilization after major surgery


Diff types of EC

1. Yuze method
2. Plan B
3. Copper IUD
4. Ella


Which hormone dominates in:
Follicular phase
Luteal phase

Follicular phase: estrogen

Luteal phase: