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What is copyright?

The exclusive right to make copies, license and otherwise exploit a literary, musical or artistic work, whether printed, audio, photography, video, etc.

Copyright pertains to anyone who has authored original work and starts upon creation of the work.


What is a copyright holder?

The person or entity that owns the copyright.


What is plagiarism?

The process of copying another person’s idea or written work and claiming it as original.


What is public domain?

The condition of not being protected by patent or copyright and so freely available for use.


What is fair use?

A provision of copyright law that outlines the extent to which copyrighted work can be used or reproduced without seeking the permission of the copyright holder.


When do you have to give credit to another person's work?

- When using another person’s idea, opinion or theory.
- When using any facts , statistics, graphs, drawings-any pieces of information that are not common knowledge.
- When using quotations of another person’s actual spoken or written words.
- When you paraphrase another person’s spoken or written words.


Fill in the blank: If the material you have taken from the original work has been transformed by adding ________________, it is more likely fair use.

New expression or meaning.


Fill in the blank: If __________________ by creating new information, new aesthetics, new insights and understandings, it is more likely fair use.

Value was added


Fill in the blank: If you are just ___________, it’s not likely fair use.



Fill in the blank: If the work is for use in an ______________ it is more likely to be considered fair use.

Educational institution


What are some examples of fair use?

Education, review, criticism or parody.


Fill in the blank: You will have a stronger case for fair use if the material is from a ___________ and not an unpublished work.

Published work


Fill in the blank: ______________ are more likely to be fair use than currently printed works

Out of print works


Fill in the blank: ________________, the less likely it will be fair use.

The more artistic the work is


Fill in the blank: The _______________, the more likely that your copying will be considered fair use

Less you take


Fill in the blank: Even if you take a small portion of a work your copying will not be fair use if the portion taken is the _________________.

Heart of the work


What is the general guidance for fair use work?



True or false: If you deprive the copyright owner of income, is it fair use?



True or false: If your work doesn't undermine a new or potential market for the copyrighted work, is it fair use?