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What is the outcome of lesions in area 6 (part of frontal lobe in front of area 4) and area 4 (primary motor cortex)?

Lesions in area 4 impair ability to generate simple movements.
Lesions in area 6 impair ability to generate complex movements about several joints.


What are the two divisions of area 6?

PMA (premotor areas)- sensory guided movements
SMA (supplementary motor area)- memory guided movements


How much of the CNS's neurons does the cerebellum contain?

About 50%


What is the vestibulocerebellum?

Receives inputs from the vestibular system and so is important for balance, posture and gait.


What is the spinocerelellum?

Receives information from the spinal cord. Involved in identifying the position of limbs and control of ongoing limb movements.


What is the cerebrocerebellum?

Receives information from the cerebral cortex (motor and sensory information). Important for planning, modifying and learning movements (muscle memory).


Does the cerebrocerebellum control the ipsilateral or contralateral side of the body?

The ipsilateral side and is connected to the contralateral cerebral hemisphere.