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Cote d'Or is on what river plain?

hills on the Saone River (Western Side)


What is the elevation of the Cote d'Or?

Rises to 400-500m


What is the soil type of the Cote d'Or

hills made of jurassic limestone, clay content increases as you get closer to the river


Soils with a high limestone content?

Agrillaceous Limestone


Soils with lower limestone content?

marl or calcareous clay


Grand cru slope typical slope?

10% or les



dry, transverse valleys created during last ice age (deep alluvial fans with heavy erosion)


How do the Cote de Nuits face?



How do the Cote de Beaune face?

South East


Which has more land under vine?

Cote de Beaune has about twice as much as they can plant on the side valleys as it is less steep, not just he escarpment of the cote itself


What is a major difference in the soil between cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune?

Cote de Beaune (with the exception of Montrachet) has higher amounts of clay and less of limestone


Overall, more red or white production in Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune?

Red, especially Cote de Nuits, producers hardly produce any village white at all


piece size?

228 L barrel of choice for Burgundy


Cote de Nuits has how many communes, how many grand cru vineyards?

14 communes, 24 grand cru vineyards


What are the only AOP's to allow white grapes? (in Cote de Nuits)

Marsannay, Fixin, Morey-St-Denis, Vougeot and Nuits Saint George


What is the only grand cru site in Cote de Nuits to produce white?

Le Musigny


Marsannay allowed grapes and style?

Mainly Red or Rose, White is allowed. light or medium body, red and black fruit driven with only a touch of oak, early drinking


What is the only village appellation in all of Burgundy authorized to make all three colors of wine?



Who is the major producer in Marsannay?

Domaine Bruno Clair (inherited half of Domaine Clair-Dau, mega important estate 1920's)


Fixin allowed grapes and style?

Red and White, Rich, Burly Reds, deep in color much richer than Marsannay (more akin to Gevery Chambertin)


What is the top vineyard in Fixin? Who makes the wine?

Monopole of Clos de la Perrier (borders Brochon) Domaine de la Perriere


Gevery Chambertin style and allowed grapes?

Red Only, Firm, Masculine fleshy sturdy structured and Brooding. The fullest bodied of all of Burgundy


How many grand crus in Gevery Chambertin? Name them and where they lie?

9 GC sites, Left hand side (n-s) Maize, Ruchottes, Clos de Beze, Chambertin, Latricies Right hand side (n-s) Chapelle, Griotte, Charmes, Mazoyeres (can be labled under charmes)


What are some major Premiere Crus of Gevery Chambertin? location?

Clos Saint Jacques, Les Cazetiers (N side of Combe) Aux Combottes (extreme southern end)


Only premiere cru in burgundy to be surrounded by all grand crus?

Aux Combottes


What are the major producers of Gevery Chambertin?

Armand Rousseau, Claude Dugat, Jean Marie Fourrier, Denis Bachet, Denis Mortet, Joseph Roty


Morey Saint Denis grapes and style?

Mostly Red, some white, some quality issues but drinks between Gevery and Chambolle


How many grand crus? Name and Location?

4 GC sites (+ 1 Partial), Clos de La Roche "aka rocks" Clos St. Denis Clos des Lambrays, Clos de Tart, Section of Bones Mares


Clos de Tart and Mostly all of Clos des Lambrays is owned by who?

Monopole of Mommessin


What are the stylistic differences in the GC of Morey Saint Denis?

Clos de la Roche (Structure, Mineral) Clos Saint-Denis (classic, elegant) Clos de Tart and Clos de Lambrays (lightest)


What are the most popular premiere crus of Morey Saint Denis?

The parcels are so tiny so it is more common to see bottles simply labeled as Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru


What is particular about Monts Luisants 1er Cru?

can legally bottle Aligote as Monts Luisants Blanc. Ponsot is the only estate to do so.


What are key Morey Saint Denis producers?

Dujac, Ponsot, Perrot-Minot, Hubert Lignier and Clos de Tart


Chambolle Musigny Style and Wine Type?

Mostly Red, Some White from Le Musigny, light in structure but intense in flavor, finesse, elegance over power


Notable Producers of Chambolle Musigny?

George de Vogue, Ghislaine Barthod, George and Christophe Roumier, Perrot Minot


What are the Grand Crus and Locations?

Bonnes Mares (N) Le Musigny (S) separated by the town and the combe


What is the soil type of Chambolle Musigny?

High active limestone component, lower percentages of clay


What is Chambolle Musigny's best premiere cru, where is it located?

Les Amoureuses, downslope from Musigny, next to commune of Vougeot


Other notable premiere crus in Chambolle Musigny that are in the slope with Bonnes Mares?

Les Fuees, Les Veroilles, Les Cras


Vougeot wines and style?

Reds, very little white. Plump lush spicy but can be less complex and flavored true to the number of different plots within clos de vougeot


Grand crus of Vougeot?

1, Clos Vougeot (50.6 Ha), Largest in Cote de Nuits, 82 owners many variations in soil, some flat grade lowest to RN74


Major Producers?

Domaine Leroy, Mugneret-Gibourg, Méo-Camuzet, Anne Gros and René Engel


Premiere Crus of Vougeot?

Clos de la Perrier, Les Petits Vougeot, Le Clos Blanc, Les Cras


Flagey Echezeaux wines and style?

Red Only, extremely variable due to large size and too many parcels , typically bottle under it's neighbor, Vosne Romanee


Grand Crus of Flagey Echezeaux?

2, Grand Echezeaux (better quality, smaller size) and Echezeaux


Vosne Romanee wines and style?

Red only, Rich, austere sensual, masculine and Royal. Pinacle of Pinot noir finesse and purity


Grand Crus of Vosne Romanee and their locations?

6 total:
N-S East Side: Richebourg, La Romanee, La Grande Rue, La Tache
N-S West Side: Romanee St. Vivant, La Romanee Conti, La Grande Rue, La Tache


DRC has which GC monopoles in Vosne Romanee?

La Romanee Conti and La Tache


La Romanee is a monopole of who?

Comtes Liger-Belair


What is the smallest AOC in France?

La Romanee, .84ha


What was the last Grand Cru of Vosne Romanee elevated?

La Grande Rue, 1992


Major Premiere Crus of Vosne Romanee?

N-S East Side: Les Beaux Monts, Crox Parentoux (made famous by Henri Jayer), Les Petits Monts, Aux Malconsorts
N-S West Side: Les Suchots, Clos de Reas


Clos de Reas is owned by who?

Monopole of Michel Gros, only premier cru in Vosne Romanee to not be next to a grand cru


Major Producers of Vosne Romanee?

Romanee-Conti, Comtes LIger-Belair Leroy, Anne Gros, Jean Grivot, Meo Camuzet, Emmanual Rouget


Nuits Saint George wine styles and types?

Lighter Reds, few whites, Wood spice, earth animal cherry, Can be long lived and sturdy N. Side: softer, fruitier character
S. Side: Fuller and richer


AOP of Nuits Saint George also includes what?

S. Neighbor Premeaux- Prissey


Notable Producers of Nuits Saint George?

Henri Gouges (flagship), Joseph Faively, Jean-Jacques Confuron and Robert Chevillon, Jean Claude Boisset (huge Burgundian Portfolio)


Name a few major Premier Cru sites on the Southern end of Nuits Saint George?

Les Saint Georges, Les Cailles, Les Vaucrains (stony soil and the outlet of the small combe) many of the appellations best wines


Who owns Clos de la Marechale?

Jacques Frederic Mugnier


Who owns Clos des Grandes Vignes? What makes this premier cru special?

Domaine Du Comte Liger-Belair, the only premier cru in the cote d'or on the eastern side of RN74


Who owned Clos Arlot? What makes this plot special?

Domaine de l'Arlot! may be the steepest with a grade of almost 50%