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Sensory nerve responsible for smell

CN 1 / Olfactory


Sensory nerve responsible for sight

CN 2 / Optic


Motor nerve responsible for movement of the eyeball, constricts pupil & accommodates eye.

CN 3 / Oculomotor


Motor nerve responsible for movement of the eyeball.

CN 4 / Trochlear AND CN 6 / Abducens


Mixed nerve responsible for chewing and for carrying sensations from the front of the face.

CN 5 / Trigeminal


Mixed nerve that supplies muscles of facial expression (moves the face), carries taste sensations from the anterior 2/3 of the tongue & is involved in salivation and crying.

CN 7 / Facial


Sensory nerve that carries sensations of sound to the auditory cortex (hearing) and regulates balance.

CN 8 / Vestibulocochlear


Mixed nerve that carries taste sensation from the posterior 1/3 of the tongue and is involved in salivation and swallowing. Monitors carotid body and carotid sinus.

CN 9 / Glossopharyngeal


Mixed nerve that's main task is communication TO the parasympathetic and FROM thoracic-abdominal viscera. Involved in taste (at the back of throat), swallowing, talking, lifts palate.

CN 10 / Vagus


Motor nerve involved in turning the head and lifting of shoulder.

CN 11 / Accessory


Motor nerve involved in moving the tongue.

CN 12 / Hypoglossal