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What does Copelia Kahn say about patriarchy and the family

outside the family structure patriarchy formed 'the basis of all social thinking' including religious and political ideologies


What do the plays of Jonson, Middleton, Fletcher and Chapman show

Shakespeare does not exhaust the possibilities for representing homoerotic practices of his society


What does Mario Digangi say of Shakespeare and the family

Perhaps Shakespeare's status as the most familiar Renaissance playwright depends in part on his status as the most familial:
the one who celebrates the affective hetrosexual couple that we recognise both biologically and historically as the source of the modern family


What does lewis say of shame

the most intense shame is generated in a context where a person is expecting affection but instead gets rejection


what does Meredith Shura say of the family

the family is so important that characters cannot even imagine themselves without one, yet every family must bring on its own destruction


What does Simone dye Beauvoir argue in the second sex

women live dispersed among the males, more attached to .. certain men- fathers or husbands- then they are to other women'