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When was the play written and performed

Scholars agree sometime between late 1598 and 1599


In Messina it appers there are only 2 ways of thinking about love, what are they

One is Benedick cynical view of thinking about marriage, love and cuckoldry
the other is the version of courtly idealistic love


What did King Charles 1 rename Much Ado about nothing

Beatrice and Benedict


What is Benedick view of love

love is a trap
marriage is a prison women are delivers and every husband an eventual cuckold


What did William G McCollum say of love in the play

' much ado is very popular with audiences but less so with critics because it appeared to lack the serious exploration of love found in the other comedies


What did Dover Wilson say Of Beatrice

Beatrice is perhaps the first woman in our literature, perhaps in the literature of Europe who not only has a brain but delights in the constant employment of it.


what does no one in the play appear to be able to think beyond

the aristocratic code of honour


What does the metaphoric language of the play constantly figure speech as

phallic and capable of violent penetration


Examples of Phallic language

Leonato tells Claudio that his slander has gone 'through and through' the heart of Hero
'Mr Swordthrust'- Benedick nicknamed


What does Ewan Farnie say of shame in the play

shame remains a largely male affair


Why does Friar Francis have no wish to challenge or subvert the plays system of patriarchal authority

the conspiracy to fake Hero's death and construct her re birth leavers the male ideology that leaves the male ideology that created the entire crisis virtually intact


How might the pervasive masculinity that characterises the play be read pcyhoanalytically

as castration anxiety


What does Ewan Fernie say of shame in the play

it remains largely a male affair


In the play the charecters seem to be in love not with their partners but with what?

convenient and fickle images of them presented by others