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Why has Pericles created much speculation about its place in the shakespearian cannon

it was not included in the folio works of 1623


Example that Pericles was popular in Shakespeare's day

Robert Taylors prologue to his The Hog Hath Lost His Pearl hopes that " And if ( the play) prove so happy as to please/ we'll say tis fortunate, like Pericles


in 1816 what did William Hazlitt say of Pericles

' it is not much to our taste... this is not like Shakespeare.
19th C taste was unlikely to accommodate the sexual elements of the plot such as incest, attempted rape and the brothel


What has the play been condemned for

its subject matter as seen in its theatrical history
its loose structure
its poor versification.


When was it written

between 1606 and 1608


How did Dryden describe the play

made up of some ridiculous incoherent story


Pericles does more what than any other Shakesperian hero

Journeys/ traveling


What was the chief source for the play

John Gower Confessions Amantis which tells the story of Prince Apollonius of Tyre


what happened in a In a 1994 production, staged by Phyllida Lloyd at the Olivier,

the players in different ports on Pericles’ long journey spoke different languages


What is Pericles spiritual journey

love to loss
birth to death
loss to restoration and rebirth
final redemption


What does Catherine Belsey say of family values

applicable to any place

Family values are both life-giving and deadly


How is the ending of the play often read

as a celebration of the restored natural family that can replace Antiochus sterile and natural one


Rather than a masque what does the play employ

a dumbshow - gestures used to tell a story without words


Example of a dumbshow in the play

Pericles discovering the supposed tomb of his dead daughter and lamenting her death in act 4


What do some scholars argue about the use of the dumbshow in the play

By having Gower lament the use of the dumbshows as a narrative device without language
' see how belief may suffer by foul show! 4.4
Shakespeare critiques the masque and reemphasises a theme found in most of his plays: true understanding comes only from the merging of action and language


What is the significance of father -daughter relationships in the late plays

some shakesperain scholars believe that in his latter works the bard examined more closely the bond between fathers and daughters because of his developing relationship with his oldest daughter susanna


What does Alexander Leggatt say of Marina chastity

However admirable it is , there is something ludicrous in the instant reformations that she produces