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What are the two types of cultural anthropology?

Material and non material


Define non material and give an example

The thoughts and behaviors we learn and share with others. E.g. Opening doors for people


Define material and give an example

All physical objects that humans crate and give meaning to e.g. Clothes, photos, cars, bibles.


List the five characteristics of culture

Learned, shared, perception, subcultures, and influences our biological needs and inherited tendencies


Define learned and give an example

How we learn most of our thoughts, behaviors and values. It's a lifelong process. E.g. What's considered disrespectful


Define shared and give an example

From one generation to another. E.g. Link crew at CHCI


Define perception and give and example

Shapes how we perceive and understand the world.
Major- positions on world conflicts or appropriate attire
Minor- names of different foods or objects


Define subcultures and give an example

Groups that share some characteristics of the overall culture but also have distinctive ideas and behaviors. E.g. Amish, emo, rappers.


Give examples for influences our biological needs and inherited tendencies

-what we eat
-where and when we sleep
-what we drink


Define cultural change and give an example

Cultures are adaptive and this occurs when environmental concerns, social issues, political idea, or technology influence aspects of the culture, causing it to adapt
E.g. Civil rights movement, iPods, reduce reuse recycle


Define cultural lag and give an example

Occurs when cultural change happens too rapidly and one generation adapts more quickly than another.
E.g. Interracial marriages, texting.


Define ethnocentrism and give an example

Judging other cultures from the perspective of one's own culture. The notion that one's culture is better an nearer to perfection than another in terms of its own values and beliefs, not by another culture's.
E.g. Not hiring someone because of their name.


Define cultural relativism

The idea that each culture must be understood in terms of its own values and beliefs, not by another culture's standard.


Define the cultural materialism theory

It states that the materials or conditions within the environment (climate, food supply, and geography) influence how a culture develops, creating the ideas and ideology of a culture.


What does the three level approach consist of?

Infrastructure, structure, and superstructure.


Define infrastructure

Basic factors such as natural resources, economy, and populations. (Bottom level)


Define structure

Social organization, kinship, political organization. (Middle level)


Define superstructure

Ideas, values and beliefs. (Top level)


List the six ways that all cultures are similar

1.Formation of groups
2. Sharing of emotions ideas and information
3. Method of obtaining food
4. System of government
5. Method of passing on skills and knowledge,
6. Religious/ spiritual tradition and/ or philosophy.


Define Culture

The major way in which human beings adapt to their environment and give meaning to their lives