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Gen 1-8 (Complete cycle)
Sequence of turning points:
-The Start: God creates heavens and the earth
-The Agents: God creates Man and commissions him to be a responsible sub-creator
-The Spread of Mankind: The origin of human sinfulness, the spread of sin
-The judgment upon a sinful population: Destruction by flood waters



Gen 9-11
-Illustrates place of the Noah cycle of turning points, not only in relationship to first cycle, but also in relationship to the 3rd cycle
-The New start: a rescued family, restoration of right worship, a new covenant
-The Agents: Noah & his family are charged to be the progenitors of the new human family
-The Spread of Mankind: Noah's descendants repopulate the earth - but commit the sin of polytheistic and idolatrous worship
-The Judgment: the "confusion of languages" at Babylon, and the dispersion of the nations throughout the world



Gen 1
-Illustrates place of Abraham cycle of turning points (in relation to preceding Noah cycle, and also in relationship to the Joshua cycle)
-The New start: the patriarch Terah and his 3 sons, Abram, Nahor, and Haran
-The Agents of the new start: Abram & Sarah
-Spread of Mankind: Abram's descendants grow to nationhood in Egypt - but commit the sin of rebellion against the Lord
-The Judgment: The generation of the adults of the Exodus will not enter Canaan, the land of promise, but will die in the Wilderness


Third cycle - 3 parts

ABRAHAM - God's covenant to Abraham; he would have a child with Sarah even though she was barren. took 25 years to fulfil.

GENESIS- Testing of Abraham, will he sacrifice his only son? Does Abraham care more for the God of the promises, or more for the promises of God

EXODUS- "The Redemption Theme"
Begins to put into effect the covenant promise to Abraham about nationhood
God calls Moses to be Israel's redeemer

"The wilderness theme"
Lord led Israel to a place that was beyond human capacity to survive - Israel grumbled