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1. Authenticates & equips those He calls to service (Joshua)
2. Where there is no vision, no prophetic word, the people perish, or run wild
3. God answers prayer.
4. Easier to lead God's people into sin than righteousness (Jeroboam)
5. God goes with his people wherever they are led
6. Survival of the remnant is a depiction of resurrection
7. Ezra's statement "study, practice, teach" God's word. Get in to the word and the word will get into you.
8. When doing service for the Lord it is a good thing to humble yourself & let him have the glory



1040 - Coronation of Saul
1000 - Coronation of David
960 - 10 tribe Israel
920 - death of Sol. Coronation of Rehoboam & Jeroboam
722 - Assyrian captivity for 10 tribe Israel
586 - Babylonian captivity for Judah
539 - Cyrus restores Israel back to land
515 - dedication to second temple
457 - Ezra the scribe returns to Judah
424 - Nehemiah leads 3rd return to Judah
AD 70 - 2nd time temple is destroyed (end of 5th cycle, beginning of 6th cycle)