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Ages of criminal responsibility

Child under 10 - no criminal responsibility

Child 10+ - only with murder and manslaughter

Child 12-13 - an offence where maximum penalty is life or at least 14 years imprisonment

Child 12-13 (previous offence) - is a previous offender under previous options and offence penalty is 10 - 14 years imprisonment

Young Person 14-16 - criminally responsible, dealt with by YAS, FGC, Youth Court

17 - Adult


CYFs Act 1989
Section 215

When a CYP must be given rights

Where there are reasonable grounds to SUSPECT CYP committed offence


DURING question, officer forms RGTS cyp has committed an offence

BEFORE questioning CYP to obtain admission

When a CYP ASKS about their rights

DURING questioning officer DECIDES to charge CYP


CYFs Act 1989
Section 214

CYP powers of arrest without warrant
Can only arrest if:

Prevent interference with WITNESS
Prevent loss/destruction of EVIDENCE
ENSURE appearance at court
PREVENT further offending


When they can not be a nominated person

If they may attempt to pervert the course of justice

If they cannot with reasonable diligence be located

If they would not be available within a reasonable period of time

If they are under 20

Police officer