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CYFs Act 1989
Section 14
In need of care and protection definition

The cyp is likely to be SEXUALLY, emotionally or physically abused or neglected

Serious DIFFERENCES between cyp and guardian that affect wellbeing

Guardians are unable or unwilling to CONTROL the cyp

A child aged 10-14 is OFFENDING to such an extent there is concern for their wellbeing


CYFs Act 1989
Section 42

Search without warrant
Coming in to Get You

Any office that has RGTB that it is critically necessary to protect a child from injury or death

May enter and search using reasonable force

Remove or detain and place into custody of CYFs


CYFs Act 1989
Section 39

When you have time
Search with warrant

May enter and search if you have RGTB the child has suffered or is likely to suffer

Remove or detain the child and place into custody of CYFs


CYFs Act 1989
Section 48

Child is found unaccompanied

Where physical or mental state is being or likely to be impaired

May take and deliver using reasonable force

With consent deliver to guardian or without consent place into custody of CYFs


Summary Offences Act 1981
Section 10B

Charge guardians with this

If guardian leaves child under 14 without making reasonable provisions for supervision for an unreasonable length of time or in unreasonable conditions